5 Most Common Dungeon Mistakes all Beginner WoW Players Make

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Speaking about video games, even those who are considered the best of the best were not that skillful, to say the least, when they first started, meaning that making mistakes should not be your primary concern.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of our life, and the same is with video games, but when there is an option to learn from other people’s mistakes, why not use it. That is why we will now focus on the five most common dungeons mistakes new players make in WoW.

1. Spending gold on unimportant things

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No one likes spending money on something they don’t need, or in this case, spending that much-needed gold on things and items that are not of such great importance. In this amazing game, gold represents something that needs to be earned, and you can later use it to buy anything you may eventually need.

There are various ways to obtain it, and sometimes it can take some time to collect enough to buy a necessary item, so spending it on something unimportant is never a good idea because it will take a lot of time to earn it again. The best way is to play smart and to think before every purchase, to make sure that you are buying only necessary items.

It may be pretty challenging in the beginning, especially for inexperienced players who do not know what and when to buy, but there are many forums and experienced players who will gladly help, so asking for advice is always a good idea. It’s one thing to buy something that will actually make a difference and something that just looks cool.

2. Skipping dungeons

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Even though this one is not about mistakes players make while completing some dungeon quest, we first need to get to dungeons, and that’s where most players make a mistake, as they often avoid doing so. Namely, since WoW was way too popular for a long time, there are many ways to skip some lower levels and go straight to the endgame, but, understandably, it makes the whole game less interesting.

Furthermore, since the whole point of video games is to entertain us, there is no use nor gain by going straight to the endgame. Of course, there is also an important part of not skipping some necessary challenges without which you cannot gain the necessary experience.

Because of all that, avoiding and entirely skipping the dungeons is not something that any player should do since they are one of the best ways to gain experience and learn more about the game. This game has a great story, and if we decide to skip the beginning, we will never understand the endgame and will not have enough knowledge to complete it. In the end, it is the whole point, so deciding to skip lower levels might take us to the more amusing part of the game much faster, but we will not enjoy it as we should.

3. Carefully choosing party members

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With this one, it’s more about those you are accompanied by and choosing the best group to complete the quest. Namely, most people overlook the fact that it’s not just about the skill and better character level, as it is more about the type of character.

Basically, for every dungeon, you need to have certain characters just in order to have a fighting chance. Furthermore, making mistakes like pulling an enemy with your multi-shot ability simply happens, which is why you need to have a group of players that will understand that and not stop the entire quest.

4. Using mouse instead keybinds

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The reaction speed is important in the WoW game, and sometimes just a second can make a difference. Many beginners are not used to keybinds, so they use their mouse to perform some difficult spells, which require a lot of time.

It is okay to use the mouse for some of them, but setting the keybinds will make your reaction time much faster, which is, in the end, one of the most important things. Although it may look difficult in the beginning, once you get used to it, you will notice how faster it is possible to perform some action.

Muscle memory is what this is all about, and the more we play, the more skill we have. It’s simple as that, but, once again, in order to progress and get to that expert level, you need to arrange the keyboard to meet your gaming preferences and grow from that.

5. Using the wrong gear

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Now, we usually don’t need to mention the basics, but here, we simply must add that playing without proper gear will lead only to stress. Yes, making gear-related mistakes is what many newbies do, and the main point here is to avoid spending too much on items and gear that you will have no practical use for and not regularly check items you have in your storage space/slots.

Of course, this one is more about the in-game gear, as you will not use the same equipment for every quest. Many new players roll on equipment that they do not need, and it is not good for them for a certain dungeon. The main reason for that is they are not sure what is an upgrade and what is a downgrade, so they accidentally downgrade the good gear they already have.

Because of that, it is necessary to learn more about the gear before playing any dungeon and avoid rolling on each item you see since many of them are not good. There are many sources where we can learn more about each dungeon and gear necessary to win it, and it is crucial to use them before we decide to start playing this amazing game.


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