Why You Should Have a Funeral Song for Grandma and Grandpa

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The funeral music is one of the most memorable parts of any funeral. While some cultures don’t have these traditions, others do and it makes the occasion much more bearable for the entire family. Instead of feeling sad for the passing of grandma and grandpa, why not celebrate their life and memory with funeral music that will lighten the mood around the crowd.

On the off chance that your grandparents haven’t asked for a funeral song, we’re going to give you a couple of reasons why you should have a funeral song to celebrate their life. So, without further ado, here are out X reasons why.

1. It is the Best Way to Celebrate Their Life

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Music comes in many genres; some are happy and uplifting and others are sad. But regardless of the genre, music is mostly an extension of a person, and music mostly resembles remembrances and recollections.

For the funeral of your grandma or grandpa, why not choose to play their favorite song? It doesn’t matter whether the song is happy or not, the important thing is to personalize the entire service.

2. It is a Great Way to Lighten the Mood

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No one wants to be at a funeral. The sight of people crying brings all kinds of emotion to life. Even worse is if the deceased is someone close to you; someone you love. Our grandparents are one of our dearest family members. No one wants to lose their grandma or grandpa, but that’s how life works.

One of the many reasons as to why people chose to play music at the deceased’s funeral is to avoid making a crying mess out of the people attending. Funerals should be about celebrating the deceased’s life, not about his death.

So the best way to lighten the mood and to put a positive spin on the situation is to play funeral music.

3. Music Associates With Memories

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Songs are essentially life experiences from the artist that has written it. A good song is one that can be relatable; one that the person listening can find himself in the lyrics.

As music is essentially memories with a beat, the best way to recall those memories is with a song. If you’ve always enjoyed listening to stories from grandma or grandpa, then what better way to recollect those stories than to have a memorable song played at their funeral?

Take the time to select a song that will bring joyful memories, memories that you and the rest of the family will look upon with a smile on your faces.

4. Music Will Be Your Grieving Companion

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When a loved family members pass away, the mood around the family is one of grieving. While we would love to celebrate life, instead of feeling sad in these situations, the only way for us to be able to grief is with music.

Music makes it possible for us to process feelings better. In sad times of grieving, music will be your companion through the journey. The lyrics and beat can help you go through the grieving process much easier, and it helps you reflect on life.

5. The Best Way to Celebrate Life is with Live Music

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What better way to celebrate one’s passing than with live music? Playing live music at funerals is a tradition in many cultures. If you ask any of those people, they will instantly tell you why they choose to do it.

Live music at funerals is a memorable occasion celebrated by the entire family. The reason why live music is better than playing it from a speaker is down to the fact that a great deal of emotions is put into it.

So if you have someone in your family that is a talented musician or one that plays in a traditional band, why not call upon his services to bring joy at the passing of your loved grandma or grandpa.

Music is only but a part of your everyday funeral services. A great deal of planning goes into funeral services to make the entire family reflect positively at the passing of a dear family member. If you’re looking for a funeral service to hire for a funeral than look no further than alovingtribute.com.

How to Choose the Appropriate Song?

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We’ve talked about why you should have music at your grandparent’s funeral service; now let’s discuss how to choose the appropriate song.

In most cases, the song in question should be one that the deceased is fond of. However, there is a valid question of whether the song is appropriate or not.

Most songs and most genres are appropriate for their funeral service, even heavy metal music has had its fair share of funeral performances. But seeing as heavy metal is a genre that is quite questionably with some people, it is an option only in the most extreme of cases. The same could be said about Hip Hop, Rap or Trap music. Although this article specifically focuses on the funeral of your grandparents, chances are these genres won’t even come into the conversation.

As your grandparents mostly fall into the category of baby boomers, the funeral song won’t even remotely resemble hip hop or heavy metal.

Eighter you or your parents will most definitely have a clue as to what type of music your grandparents listen to, so that is a good place to start. You can always choose to have traditional music played as their service, and this is usually the most popular choice.

Regardless of the music, we are also going to touch on the subject of how it’s going to be played. This is yet another important aspect if you are to have their favorite song played, so the question of a live performance or from a USB stick is a valid one.

As we’ve previously touched on the subject, a live performance is always the better option and having a close relative play the song is even a better one.