New Year, Classic Cars: Why Import Your Vehicle In 2024


Aussie motorheads love the idea of importing their vehicles. What’s more, the American market offers an incredible range of classics from some of history’s greatest manufacturers, thus increasing the desire to import from the States. Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Ford – the list of magnificent manufacturers goes on.

But solo importation is a difficult business that is fraught with red tape. Think of it this way: have you ever watched an Aussie border protection show? Well, you’ve seen just how strict our border force is when it comes to bringing food in from outside of the country – just imagine how tricky it can be to ship a whole vehicle!

2024 will be the year of vehicle shipping to Oz. Why? Because Aussies are looking across the seas to ship awesome models at top prices. But there are many more reasons why you should consider US vehicle shipping in 2024:

1. The best range in the global market


The motor world is lucky to have American car imports. The States is one of the world’s top producers of classic models, with the likes of Chevies, Dodges and Fords being found there in their thousands.

What’s more, there is also an endless market for motorheads who keep the classics in perfect condition until they decide to onsell them to the likes of us – their Aussie car-loving counterparts!

You can trust that shipping a vehicle from the US to Australia in 2024 will be the best way to purchase one of these classics.

When located in Australia, these classics already cost a fortune, and it is likely that you might find a much better deal on one from the land of their creator. What’s more, you will have profound access to an extensive market that facilitates finding the creme de la creme of classic cars.

2. You will have access to top professional help


Aussie brokers are the best in the business. Why? Because it is so much harder for Australians to ship vehicles for three reasons:

  1. We don’t have the same access to vehicles as other motor-loving nations;
  2. We don’t have the manufacturing prowess of other motor-loving nations, and;
  3. It’s really hard for individuals to clear customs and so brokers are routinely enlisted to do the hard work.

Therefore, you can trust that our experts know what it takes to ship your vehicle without you having to do all the leg work. And there is plenty of leg work. We’re talking Australian bureaucratic documentation – some of the most frustrating and tedious in the history of documentation!

This isn’t something your broker wants the general car-loving public to have to experience and so they will take care of the hassle on your behalf. What’s more, they’ve dealt with it all before, and can help you clear the red tape with some intelligent flicks of their busy pen.

3. They also have top access to the US market
The Aussie broker industry works in two awesome ways:

  1. They help you clear that Aussie red tape, and:
  2. They help you source a vehicle and negotiate the best deal on it.

That’s right: a broker can help you find your dream vehicle and then help you pay the best price for it. But how? Because these legends have access to an extensive network of vendors that would otherwise go unseen without their assistance.

They have friends and connections across the country that will always help them get the best deals on your behalf.

Just another very good reason to buy your vehicle from the States in 2024…