Why Hunting Is Important For The Environment – 2023 Guide

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Although the views on hunting are very controversial these days, we will try to look at things from another angle as well. Specifically, some people consider Indians to be the last nation to live in harmony with nature.

So, is it true that we need every grain in the field so much – that we do not leave a single furrow under the grain after the harvest to feed the pheasants? Is the modern man who talks the most about nature conservation the one who ruins it? We don’t expect this attitude from just some passionate naturalist or avid fighter of protecting the planet.

This is also the attitude of hunters who are often exposefd to public condemnation of this sport. Do hunters destroy nature or do they help to conserve the environment? We will try to look at this other, more ecological side of this topic.

Are Hunters Enemies Of Nature?

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People generally have a negative assumption about hunting. It is because their first association is killing innocent animals for fun. However, hunters claim quite the opposite. So are hunters enemies of nature?

Any serious hunter will tell you – NO. Hunters negate the presence of any destruction of nature because, according to them – hunting is the best form of nature protection. Hunters are the ones who feed wildlife first – and everyone who comments, without ever getting any corn into the woods to feed the animals – should know that.

When winter comes with temperatures of -20 or any other inclement weather occasion – animals are left without food. Not only does it starve ruminants because they cannot reach food – but they are also decimated by predators in nature.

Hunting Does Not Endanger Nature – But Industry Does

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Very often people are inclined to condemn hunters as large predators that endanger animal species. According to Targetfrog.com, it is true that today, hunters have the more modern gear and most precise rifles. But, if we look at things from another angle, we will realize that this is not that bad as some people present it. Visit TX Fowlers to see more hunting gear and accessories.

Of course, we are talking about legal hunting during a hunting season – and for a certain type of game. For example, if hunters don’t hunt foxes for one year – they multiply and eat all the rabbits in the hunting area. The following year, foxes multiply – but rabbits are gone, so they have nothing to feed. Therefore, it is a fact that man has long interfered with nature.

Are We Looking Out For Nature As Much As We Claim?

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The humans did some good things – like the conservation of certain species. However, our interference has so many bad sides as well. This is very easy to illustrate. The fact is that we have come across many wildlife areas building the highways – so wild animals cannot move freely. It is also a fact that the hunters cannot endanger nature as much as the industry can. The fisherman cannot fish as much as the industry can exterminate. That can make us think twice about this topic.

Just think about it. Modern man uses numerous chemical products and does not think much about nature. Start with yourself. For example, when you say with enthusiasm “I burst only a little of this liquid and it immediately removed the rust.” And that “something” has gone into the water – and the packaging very often, instead of being recycled – end up in a landfill where it will never be decomposed. Beautiful packaging attracts us when we shop – but it will remain in nature for another three hundred years if we don’t take care of recycling.

How Do Hunters Protect Nature?

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Every hunting association, every forest – they all have a hunting ground. This means that hunters know how many animals there are per species. The goal is for the forest to be full of healthy populations. One of the ways to maintain the game is the so-called breeding and sanitary shooting. Apart from hunters, mountaineers and mushroom growers, few still visit nature.

Admittedly, some hikers come for a couple of days and leave behind bags and dirt – and we know the bear can’t clean them up. In the city, this is taken care of by the utility, and in nature, it does not. Animals can’t handle it. That is why we can only rely on forest rangers and hunters.

Why Do We Want More Than We Need?

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When we simplify things, the question arises as to why one wants more than he truly needs. However, we live in a world of greed. How many rich people are there who, instead of directing their money to conserve life in nature – would still gain because they seem to never have enough.

It is a pity that although technology gives us the ability to protect nature – we do not use it enough. We are not some great nature keepers. But hunters are. It is in their interest to have roe deer in the forest, while other people do not care much for it.

Protecting And Improving The Environment

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Protecting and improving the environment is a global problem in modern society. The solution to this problem is closely linked to other global problems of our civilization – such as the rational use of natural resources. Unfortunately, modern man has a different idea. Although a modern man is often inclined to condemn hunting and hunters – we should think a little bit more about everything.

Hunters are no wildlife exterminators, as they are often misrepresented in the media – but rather, nature conservationists and wild fauna growers. As many experts point out, the biggest problems affecting growing game hunting in hunting areas – are the most often uncontrolled treatment of fields with various chemicals that poison wildlife, poaching – but most of all, the usurpation of wildlife shelters.


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Without the extra attention of the hunters, but all of us as well – numerous animal species are exposed to predators and rooftops and the chances of survival are not favorable.

There is also an increasing number of illegal logging of forests and trees – no matter where they are. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of these crimes are rarely held accountable for violations of the law.