What You Need For Your Brewery

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Indulging on the journey of starting your brewery might sound exciting, powerful, and profitable, but you need to be prepared. This procedure is considered a daunting challenge that can backfire if it isn’t handled the right way, and leave you without a penny in your pocket. Having both scenarios in your mind will influence your decisions making towards a more careful and realistic judgment. We have prepared a few necessary things one will require when starting its brewery.

Business Plan

Constructing a suitable Business Plan for your future business aspirations is essential for constant growth. You can look at it as having a road map which you can check whenever in doubt what to do. Defining the starting points, plan of investment, timetable, return on investment, brand marketing, profit distribution, is something you would have to do in detail.

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Legal Documentation and Ownership

As we pointed out, starting your brewery is a costly investment which requires the aspects of necessary legal documentation, and precise determination of ownership, to be signed before the start of any investment. Applying for the license needed for the municipality where the brewery will operate, and the wholesaler’s license is the number one task.  Determining the ownership will specify the influence and duties for you and your potential partners in this project. Ensuring yours and your partner’s assets will allow professional conduct of the possible future profit. Along with the arranged division of earnings calculated in percentage, depending on the invested amount from each person emphasizes its legal and proprietary rights.

Equipment and Location

When speaking about the right location for your brewery, you need to take a few things in mind before choosing the property. You have the option to lease a space for the future brewery or the purchase it. When deciding on the property, think about future growth with potential restaurant and location suitable for all mentioned. Equipment required to start your brewery is depended on the size of production: Macro brewery, Microbrewery, Nano brewery, Brewpub, and Home brewery. The necessary equipment for a brewery contains required material for each brewing process from mashing, wort boiling, wort fermentation, and product maturation. The needed items in any brewery are the chilling and cooling systems, brewing kettles and boilers, product storage and fermentation tanks, tubing, piping and brew pumps, bottling equipment. For a quality offer of the required equipment for a brewery, you can check out yolongbrewtech.com.

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Name and Taste

One of the often things people overlook is the adequate name for its product. Before choosing the name, we suggest double-checking if such a name already exists on the market. You don’t need additional cost for conflicts with a brewery which already uses the name, or the fees for reprinting business cards and letterhead. The recognizable taste is something that defines a product besides the name. Experiment with different brewing, proper temperature, brewing time, precise ingredient measuring, and adding until you have the taste you want the world to remember you by.

Placement of the product

Before production even starts, we suggest identifying the market, and groups of people, you wish to target and to conduct research. The collected data will offer you guideline where your product will be most welcomed, the preferred price of the product, and you start negotiating terms before you start production. Expanding the sales network from that point on will depend on the demands of the market, while you will have the security of already arranged deals in your pocket.