What is cheaper to run? Ducted or split system?

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If your interior conditions are humid or too cold, you’ll need a solution. Temperatures in Australia can increase or fall to unfavorable levels, and that alone makes air-conditioning systems important in every home or business premises. However, the selection process of cooling systems can be confusing. 

Ducted air conditioners and split systems are the two most common choices. Knowing the key differences between the two types will have a significant impact on your comfort levels and the running costs. We are here to help you make an informed choice. To help you identify the air conditioner that is inexpensive to run, let us start by learning how each of the two systems functions. 

How split systems functions

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Most business people and homeowners use either ducted heating systems or split air conditioning systems to cool their interior space. However, only a few of them understand how the two systems function to create continuous airflow for cooling the interior space or the costs of running them. The first thing that you should understand is that a split system can concurrently heat and cool. 

Split systems are the right choice for smaller families, especially those living in smaller spaces. As their name implies, the system usually divides into two separate units – you will have an indoor unit and an outdoor one. The indoor unit is the evaporate heat exchanger, which takes that air circulating inside your house when it gets hot. In reverse, it cools the air and blows it into the room. The outdoor unit functions as the condensing heat exchanger. 

Split systems are inexpensive when buying compared to heating or reverse cycle systems. Even more, their installation is low-cost and faster to complete compared to that of many other systems. That means you can buy an order today and have it installed and functioning within a few hours. 

On the downside, split systems are only suitable for smaller rooms. If you are planning to heat up or cool a large room, you will have to go for one of the extensive options. And because they use the reverse cycle we have explained above, they are not the cheapest to run. To operate a split system, you will use a remote control that tells that you will be in charge of the temperature level in your room or ozone throughout the day. 

How ducted air conditioning systems function

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To know how a system functions, you need to check the name. As the name suggests, ducted heating air conditioning systems distribute the airflow through ducted outlets. A ducted heating system can come as a Beyond Heating and Cooling System or a standalone heating system. Visit here for more information.

People fit the systems that come as standalone ducted system heaters as gas heaters. That means that they run on gas and not electricity. On the other hand, the systems that do both the heating and cooling known as ducted reverse cycle systems. They function more like the split systems, but they distribute the airflow through their duct work.

Ducted gas heaters run on gas and they only heat. They are inexpensive to run because they do not require electricity and depending on their star rating, they can be more energy efficient. They are on the super-efficient range. 

Some ducted systems allow zoning depending on the installed model. In other words, they enable to turning off the cooling in one or more rooms that are not in use. Moreover, such a system will allow cooling or heating of rooms to a different temperature. However, if you do that the running costs will increase. Ducted systems run quietly and more efficiently. If you are planning to live in the current place for a long period, ducted air conditioning system is the most suitable choice. 

Making a choice

If you are a homeowner or business owner wants to select an air conditioning unit that will maximize energy efficiency, also add more value to your property. The system should be tailored to meet the floor plan and orientation of the property. It should also fit your budget and lifestyle. By going for a zoned system, you will alleviate the problems associated with running costs. 

You will have to consider many things when buying an air-conditioning unit for your home. The above information will help you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each available option. When choosing between a ducted air conditioner and a split system, you will have to consider your building requirements, budget and your lifestyle needs.