4 Things To Know Before Using Bet Credit For The First Time

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Many gambling websites help you with additional bonuses when you sign up to play different casino games from the portal. This is the signup promo that is credited to your account.

So, these additional funds you get access to are the Bet Credits. Gambling is a high-risk game, and as a new player, it is normal for you to think twice before betting your money. That’s the time when these credits do the needful. You can use them to place bets. The risk is less as you have gained them for free, and there is no need to use your money while using them.

If you are coming across the bet credits for the first time, here are 5 things you should know about them.

Mandatory Vs. Optional

Bet credits are not mandatory. They are optional. If you wish to get them for betting, you need to opt-in to the promotion strategies before you release money in the form of a deposit. If you are interested in opting in, you should select the promotions while you place your first amount as a deposit. After this, you can see the balance amount locked into your Bet365 account.

Conditions To Release The Bet

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Releasing the bet credits is possible when you fulfill some conditions that are stated as follows:

The wager should have a minimum of one selection at the odds of being a minimum of -500 or anything more.

If you have more than a single outcome with this number, the one carrying the highest cumulative risk shall be counted.

The remaining active risk shall be counted if you are betting in a combination of cash and credit.

If you successfully edit the bet, the risk shall be generated on the new bet.

Claiming The Credits

It would be best if you searched for the Claim’ button when scrolling through the platform to find the source for bet credits. There will be many sites that will be offering offers to you. Also, you need to check if any period is attached to the claim.

Qualifying For The Credits

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As a first-time user, there are high chances that you’ll be confused about whether you will qualify for the credits or not. For qualification, some platforms charge a basic amount. However, the gig is that the amount that you deposit, let’s say, is $10, and your account will show a matching amount or something similar. In this case, you can receive upto $100 in your account.

Do not rush and let the bet settle first. After settlement, your account will show a numerical update. You can begin with the bettinf the account is updated.


So, that’s all about using bet credits in your betting journey. They can be used parallel to or in conjunction with the money balance in your account. Hence, as a better, you can decide to use your real money for betting or combine it with the Bet Credits that you have. Of course, you can solely use the credits, too!