Useless Top 10 Gadgets 

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It is not strange for some company, or even an individual, to announce a certain gadget as a game changer that would make our lives easier. However, it often happens that many of those are simply useless and do not have any function whatsoever. Here are top 10. 

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1. Gear 2 

It is not a secret that Samsung and Apple are the biggest rivals in the smartphones and gadgets industry. They always try to offer what the other one has, and to have it better. However, it often happens that they make something very useless. One of such things is Gear 2. This was meant to be a very high-tech and modern smart watch, but it was completely useless since just some of Samsung phones were compatible with it. It was just too expensive and not offering too much.  

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2. Amstrad E-mailer 

The notion of the phone receiving e-mail and accessing the internet through a phone, has always been an interesting one. And that was the idea behind this gadget. However, it turned out to be inefficient and, above all, expensive.  

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3. Xybernaut Poma 

Wi-Fi has not the integral part of our lives, and people tried to find many different ways to make computers and internet available to many people. This was the case with Poma. It was a portable computer that was “installed” on people. First of all, it was very expensive, $1.500, but it offered almost nothing. Apart from it, people looked like idiots when they wore it.  

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4. Withings Hair Coach 

We need to be honest here: this hair brush has been made in cooperation with some of the biggest brands in the cosmetics industry. However, it is an unneeded one since it is a brush that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  

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5. NoPhone Zero 

The idea behind this product was to decrease people’s addiction to smartphones and social networks. The try was to decrease the usage of phones and increase normal social interactions. However, phones have become integral parts of our lives and they are actually used for a serious and important thing – calling.  

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6. Apple Watch 

We are not saying that this is completely useless device, it certainly has some functions. But, if there are watches worn as accessories and almost every person on this planet wears a phone, that this is simply not needed. Above all, it costs a lot. 

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7. USB Finger Dance Mat 

The name speaks for itself. It was designed to be a mat, a USB one, and the one that is used by fingers. So, the only function of this is practicing dancing with your fingers, the thing you would never do in your life. Imagine that you actually had to pay for this.  

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8. Sony Vaio Mouse Talk 

The mere notion of combining a mouse and phoning technologies sounds stupid enough. Why? The producers wanted to make a product that will replace talking over phones or via Skype since you will not need to use PC or connect to a particular program. However, they did not think about the times when you will actually need to talk and use your mouse at the same time, e.g. when presenting something.  

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9. Umbrella Drone 

The designers wanted to make the usage of umbrellas obsolete by making something that is very modern and that would be high-tech. This is why they invented an umbrella being carried by drone. There are millions of ways that this can go wrong, things that designers did not take into consideration. What happens when you get on a bus? Where the drone will be? What also happens when there are strong winds and rain that fall from the sideways? Above all, it cost $1.300. 

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10. DivX Enhanced DVD Players 

 We will not much deep into this since the name speaks for itself. It was a device that was overly complicated that it was difficult to define what it is and how it is used. Furthermore, a telephone line is required for it to function.


These are just some of the gadgets that have been invented in the previous period, but that is utterly useless. We do not say that the idea and intention were not good, but those devices simply did not bring any life improvements.  


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