7 Types of Blouses That You Need in Your Wardrobe

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Do you want to build a functional wardrobe with various tops and blouses, suitable for any occasion? Then stick around to learn more about how to choose blouses and how to combine them for incredible outfits. In this article, D2Line shares professional styling tips and talks about the five blouse essentials every woman needs to own.

7 Types of Blouses That Are Must-have Pieces

1. Off-the-shoulders blouse

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Off-shoulder blouses definitely make a fashion statement. They are very playful and alluring, perfect for a summertime outing, a weekend with friends, or a romantic lunch date. These blouses are an elegant way to show some skin without looking tacky or revealing too much.

Feel free to wear an off-the-shoulder blouse to any social setting that demands an everyday dress code. Combine with large statement jewelry, classic jeans or shorts, a beach bag, and summer sandals.

If you feel insecure about showing off skin with an off-shoulder blouse, top it up with a blazer or a leather jacket to make it look like a strapless blouse underneath. This type of clothing might not be the right choice for a woman with a triangle body shape and a fuller bust area.

2. Basic plain blouse

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This is a fundamental clothing piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Indeed, plain blouses might sound a bit boring, but in reality, they are very minimalistic, timeless, and extremely versatile. If you don’t know what to wear, you can never be wrong with an elegant monochrome blouse.

You can combine the basic blouse with almost any type of skirt, pants, or jeans. Depending on the clothing mix you create, you can assemble an elegant or professional outfit, add softness or elevate an everyday look.

3. Lace blouse

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Lace is a very elegant and feminine fabric. That’s why if you want to build a versatile or a capsule wardrobe, a lace blouse is a statement piece – one of the essentials. Simplicity is key to making a lace top look stunning. Hence, when it comes to styling lace blouses, make sure to accessorize very subtle and add timeless pieces to the outfit.

White looks best on lace blouses and can be combined with neutral, edgy, and vivid garments. Coordinate your clothes colorwise and avoid loud embellishments, patchworks, and patterns. For accessories, go for minimalistic silver jewelry with small stones or a pretty pearl jewelry set, a chic handbag, and stylish boho-inspired shoes.

4. High-neck blouse

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A remarkable thing about high-neck blouses is that they look outstanding on any woman. These types of tops are the perfect addition to sleek business-casual attire for work or to make everyday outfits dapper. A high neck top is somewhat conservative, yet, it is the epitome of elegance and class in fashion.

D2Line advises you to choose a lightweight fabric for your high-neck blouse to make it flowy and more comfortable to wear. Accessorize lightly with a stylish watch, chic handbag, high-heeled shoes, and a pair of small earrings.

This type of blouse looks best on long and slender silhouettes, however, curvy women with a large breast area can also make it work flawlessly as it provides just enough coverage.

5. Strapless blouse

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If you love to flaunt your shoulder, arms, back, and neck, then a strapless blouse definitely has a place in your wardrobe. It complements hourglass and pear body types, as well as slender women with smaller breast sizes.

The versatility of strapless blouses allows them to be styled in many ways. However, keeping it simple would make the most of a minimalistic outfit. You can mix the blouse with jeans or a flowy skirt, or top it up with a stylish colorful blazer or a denim jacket. As for the accessories, go for small stud earrings, a beautiful necklace or twill scarf, and your favorite comfy shoes (depending on the occasion).

6. Blouse with shoulder pads

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Shoulder pads were gone for a few years, but recently they made a splashing return to the fashion scene. Padded blouses are very chic and stylish, perfect for these days when you want to feel confident and elegant in the workplace.

The best outfit combinations for a shoulder pad blouse include formal pants, wide-legged pants, and A-line skirts. Pearl or gold jewelry with large stones, along with a clutch or round bag look stunning on a blouse with shoulder pads.

Please note that these types of blouses are the best for women with triangle-shaped bodies but they are not the wisest choice for ladies with broad shoulders.

7. Open-back blouse

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Open-back blouses accentuate a woman’s femininity in a very sleek and alluring way. For a night out, a summer adventure, a special occasion, or a romantic date, this type of blouse will make you stand out and turn heads whenever you go.

You can accessorize this blouse in multiple ways but keeping it simple should definitely be your priority. Why? Because the open back makes the blouse a statement piece on its own, it does not make sense to draw attention to anything else.

Style the blouse with a beautiful necklace, classy earrings, and a small bag like a clutch or a bucket bag. To keep up the elegant appearance, throw some blouse-matching stilettos into the outfit mix.