How to Track Your Child’s Android Phone – 2023 Guide


Having a child in the 21st century can be very stressful. All of our children are using their phones a lot, and not knowing what they’re doing and not being able to monitor them can be pretty scary.

We have all been there, being young and sneaking out, lying to parents, and doing stuff we shouldn’t be doing. No parent wants their children to make the same mistakes they made when they were younger. This is why it’s completely natural that you want to know where your kids are at all times.

In this article we will show you the ways you can track and monitor your child’s Android mobile phone, just to help you put your mind at ease!

So let’s begin!

Why is it a good idea to track your kid’s phone?


Whether you are dealing with a rebellious teen or a younger child that only just began exploring the world, knowing their location at all times can be very useful. It will make you worry less while you’re at work, as you’d know if your kids are skipping school or going to places that are not appropriate for their age. Tracking their phone may be the best way to make sure you know everything you need to know, considering your kids are probably never leaving their homes without their phones.

In this way, you can make sure your kids are where they’re supposed to be so you don’t have to worry about them lying to you anymore.

Should you track your children’s phones in secret or do it openly?


Well, let’s be realistic, you wouldn’t be here if the idea of tracking your child’s phone makes you uncomfortable. Still, it’s important to notify your child you’ll be monitoring their phone and their location. You don’t want to break your child’s trust by “spying” on them in secret. They will probably not be happy about you tracking their phone, but if they find out you did it in secret it could leave you with more issues than before.

Other than that, if they know you’ll be monitoring them they are less likely to lie and go somewhere they shouldn’t be going, and that is your main goal and motivation. Keeping your child safe will be easier if you know where they’re going, and their phone is the key to finding that out.

Nonetheless, you are the one who knows your child better than anyone in the world, so if you think that secretly monitoring is the way to go, that is completely understandable. As a parent your intentions are pure, and keeping your child safe is your only motivation. This is why you shouldn’t feel bad if you choose to track your kid’s phones in secret, there is nothing wrong with that.

Communication apps like messenger and Viber


You probably use some of the common communication apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber. Many of those have the option to share your location with someone. This may be the easiest way to track your child’s location. You can just ask your child to update you on their location by sending it through a communication app. Of course, this is not the ideal way, as your kids could turn their wifi off, and then tell you they simply didn’t have any internet access. They could additionally pretend not to see your message, or outright refuse to send their location to you. Other than that, sometimes these apps are not very precise in determining someone’s location since that’s not their purpose. The positive side is that your children will probably be less likely to lash out and do something they shouldn’t do out of spite.

Using social media


Now, this method is not very reliable. Many kids love to post every single detail of their life on social media, so you could find out where and with whom they are by monitoring their profiles. Still, if your kid is hiding something, they will probably not post something that could reveal it to you. A good idea is to look at the social media posts of their friends.

Many kids have profiles that are secret from their parents, and a good way to track those is through their phone number. Just copy and paste their phone number in the search engine of the social media platform, and you will find all profiles connected to that number. Of course, there is a huge chance this won’t work at all, and even if it does, you may not find anything of importance on their profile.

Online bullying can lead to young children’s depression and anxiety, read this article for more info.

Tracking apps


This is probably the best way to find your child’s location. There are two ways to go about this: apps like the Family Link that will let your child be aware of the app, or apps like android.thetruthspy that will let you monitor their locations in secret. Either way, this is the most reliable way to track an android phone, since these apps specialize in that. The important thing to know is that there are some pretty shady apps going around, and you should always do some research before downloading. You have to know the app is reliable, and that it gives you genuine results.

Other than that, if you choose an app that hides itself in your child’s mobile device, make sure you follow the instructions provided to keep it hidden. It would be horrible if your teen found out about it and manipulated it in some way.

If you choose the other approach instead, make sure to have a healthy discussion with your kids beforehand. Explain why you are doing this, and make sure they know your intentions are good.



There are many reliable methods for tracking your child’s phone, but the best one of them all is definitely through tracking apps. Many of those are free to download and simple to use. As a parent, one of the most important tasks you have is keeping your children safe, and knowing their location could be very helpful in achieving that.