Top 10 Travel Necessities – 2020 Guide


Traveling is meant to be a relaxing activity that allows you to escape. Although actually traveling and vacationing can be relaxing, the planning and packing for your trip is often stressful and full of uncertainty. Many people hate packing, as they either always forget something or simply don’t know what to bring. However, there are some travel necessities that you should always check to see if you’ve packed no matter where or why you’re traveling. Regardless of whether you’re flying to some luxurious Grand Rapids real estate (check here) or going to the beach, these necessities should be packed   So what items should you always bring when traveling? Here are ten travel necessities you should always take with you.

1. Entertainment


The first thing that you should pack before you leave for your trip is some form of entertainment to keep you occupied while traveling. It’s no secret that actually getting to your destination can be quite the drag, as you’ll often have to spend several hours in either a car or a plane. Thankfully packing some form of entertainment can actually make the trip to your destination much more bearable by keeping you occupied. Common forms of entertainment that are packed include novels, tablets, or portable game consoles. If you’re in for a long trip and don’t want to die of boredom, then you better pack some entertainment to keep you busy during downtime.

2. Neck Pillow


When on a long airplane or car ride, you’ll likely want to doze off and get some sleep. Unfortunately falling asleep while sitting straight up can actually be quite difficult, especially if you’re someone who can’t fall asleep easily. Thankfully something like a neck pillow can really come in handy in this scenario. Neck pillows can make your ride much more comfortable and bearable, providing you enough support to rest your head. If you plan on getting some shut eye during your long trip to your destination, then you better pack a neck pillow for comfort.

3. Snacks


Although you may be worried about boredom and discomfort coming into your flight or car ride, you should be just as weary about hunger. If you spend a considerable amount of time riding in a car or plane, then eventually the pangs of hunger will settle in. It is here where packing snacks can really come in handy. Having snacks can allow you to avoid going hungry throughout the entire ride, something that can be a really huge help. Although you may be able to stop and get food or order airline food depending on the method of travel, these options usually either cost a considerable amount of time or money. It is much easier to simply pack snacks, so you should definitely do so.

4. Headphones


A truly nightmarish scenario is being stuck around loud travelers while in close quarters. We’ve all heard horror stories about crying babies on flights or had to deal with an annoying family member on a long car ride. Thankfully headphones can solve this problem by allowing you to drown out all of the surrounding noise. With your headphones in you can listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, thus allowing you to largely ignore any noises around you. If you don’t want to deal with any annoying distractions, packing some headphones is an absolute necessity.

5. Chargers


As time has gone on, we have become more and more reliant on our phones and other electronic devices. In today’s world we do just about everything on our phones, so being without them for a considerable amount of time is not a prospect that you would want to face. That’s why you need to ensure that you pack all of the chargers for the electronic devices that you plan on using during your trip. You don’t want to have your device die on your travels without a way to charge it, and you certainly don’t want to have to waste money buying extra chargers. Simply avoid some major headaches by packing all of the necessary chargers before you leave for your trip.

6. Comfortable Clothes


A common mistake that people make when traveling is forgetting to pack some comfortable clothes. You’re likely going to have to deal with a long plane or car ride, and sitting through those with uncomfortable clothing is an absolute nightmare. Many people are more concerned with packing things like swimsuits and formal outfits, and they gloss over a standard comfortable outfit. If you don’t make this mistake, then getting to your destination will be much more bearable and you’ll have some comfy clothes to lounge around in while vacationing.

7. Toiletries


Out of all the things on this list, this is probably the most surprising. After all, how can toiletries be a necessity to pack if the hotel you’re staying at likely offers complimentary toiletries for you to use. Well the truth is those toiletries are oftentimes very low quality and can even cause issues such as allergic reactions due to unknown or unfamiliar ingredients. You likely have a set list of toiletries that you use at home, and you’re simply better off bringing those familiar products along with you.

8. Sunscreen


Almost everyone wants to lay in the sun and get some rays while on vacation, but that may not always be the best option. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to some detrimental side effects such as sunburns or even skin cancer. While these side effects don’t necessarily mean that you can’t go into the sunlight, they do highlight the importance of sunscreen. Sunscreen can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, making it a crucial item to pack. If you plan on traveling to a location with lots of sunlight, then you absolutely need to pack some sunscreen to put on.

9. Hand Sanitizer and Wipes


When traveling in close quarters, you often will have some major concerns about cleanliness and hygiene. Unfortunately your ability to access soap and water will likely be limited, so you’ll have to look for alternative solutions. Thankfully alternatives like hand sanitizer and wipes can keep your hands clean and hygienic while on the go. If you’re looking to avoid catching anything and want to stay clean on your travels, then you need to pack some hand sanitizer and wipes.

10. Rain Gear

On the opposite end of the spectrum from too much sunlight is an abundance of rain. Although no one wants to deal with rain while on vacation, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for it. Being completely unprepared for rain can be absolutely disastrous, completely ruining your travels. As a result, you should always bring some form of rain gear just in case the weather turns sour while you’re traveling. Wearing a rain jacket or packing an umbrella is much better than being soaked


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