Top 7 Gifts a Sports Fan Will Appreciate – 2023 Guide

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Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing that unites them: they are passionate. Whether they have a favorite team or just love the sport for what it is, you can be sure that this is something they make clear in their interactions, even if they are not shouting it from the rooftops. You can see a sports fan from far away, whether it is from a heap of memorabilia incorporated in their wardrobe at a match, or a peppering of posters and merchandise making the room stand out from far away.

Another thing about sports fans is that they are picky, and trust you to know what they like, sometimes to the point of remembering which team won last weekend and with which score. You may be having a hard time picking a gift for a fellow friend/family member/colleague, or other acquaintance that likes sports, and this is perfectly normal.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of great gifts that the discerning sports fan will be sure to appreciate.

1. Signed memorabilia

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We are referring to anything sports-related signed by a representative of this sport. If the sport of choice involves any ball (baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc.) moved around, getting this item signed by a famous player of the sport will be much appreciated by the one receiving the gift.

Besides balls (which will probably be locked away behind glass anyway), you might also want to think of clothing options, like a shirt, cap, or jersey. There is something inherently powerful in donning something worn by a great man/woman, and giving this opportunity to a sports fan will elevate you sky-high in their eyes.

If you happen to get a signature from someone that they truly admire and respect, you will get extra brownie points and lots of hugs for your effort. However, this is not always easy or feasible, so you always have the option to shop around and buy items that someone else got a signature for and put up for sale.

2. Sports schedule

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According to sports fans often claim to be knowledgeable in all past and upcoming matches, but usually, it is just bluster. Baseball games are especially difficult to keep track of, so you can do well by gifting a helpful baseball sports schedule or other organizers so that they can keep an eye on events and results. Memory often muddles games with emotions and impressive moments, but a trusty schedule will keep the hard facts accessible and the game plan for the season visible for fans’ convenience.

3. Tickets

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The gift receiver loves watching games, so what better way to make them happy than by giving them the opportunity to see more of the games, right? Before you run off to buy tickets to the soonest game of their favorite sport, there are several points to consider. First of all, are there any teams they would like to see in particular? If you are able to get a seat to a game involving the person’s favorite team, there is nothing that can go wrong with this pick.

Furthermore, scheduling is important. Just imagine the disappointment the person will experience if they realize that the tickets are for a game that they will not be able to attend. Make sure to check their schedule or inquire unobtrusively if they will be available for the given day, and you should be safe.

Finally, it is important to note that not all sports fans like to actually go out into the stands and cheer. Many are perfectly content with cheering on their favorite teams from the comfort of their couch, so a subscription for streaming the games will be just as appreciated in this case.

4. A gadget

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An electronic device like a tablet or smartphone may be far removed from sports, but it could be just the thing to bring someone closer to their favorite sports. For example, if the fan watches games exclusively on their TV on the weekends, they will have more time and opportunity to do it with a mobile device. They can watch the latest highlights on their daily commute to work or read up on pollsters’ predictions on an upcoming match without ever having to turn the TV on. Naturally, they will also be able to use the gadget for day-to-day activities like watching cat videos and sending emails, so this is a safe choice suitable for everybody.

5. A video game

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Watching sports is pretty great, and is exactly the thing that creates sports fans in the first place. However, participating can be just as engaging, if not more. Unless you are a professional player or only partially employed, you probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to sports physically. However, video games can bridge this gap, making players feel like they are part of the action without actually having to exert themselves. If you are considering gifting a video game to a sports fan, just make sure that they don’t already have it and that the title is compatible with their console.

6. A book

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This is a bit of a niche choice, because not everyone enjoys spending hours of their day looking at words, especially when talking about enthusiasts used to visual entertainment. Still, books offer a valuable insight into what goes on behind the scenes in sports, as well as the players’ mindset and that of the team. If you think your gift receiver will appreciate a good book from a famous player/coach/commentator, getting them some prime reading material might be just what the doctor ordered.

7. A BBQ set

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It is indisputable that sports bring people together. Inviting friends to watch an important game has become such a staple in culture that “barbeque” has become almost synonymous with “viewing party”. A barbeque set may be an expensive gift, but it is a perfect choice for someone who likes to gather his friends, crack open a few cold beers, and watch prime-time entertainment with their buddies.