Top 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Elderly Parents Remotely

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It is not a secret that taking care of elderly parents is a tough duty. This especially includes when you are not living in the same place as they do. For example, you are studying or working in a different city and you see your parents only a couple of times during the year. Logically, you do not want to compromise on your parent’s health. Their safety is your main priority while you are away.

So, what to do?

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that your parents are safe and happy while you are living long distances. Yet, before we start with our list, we want to give you reasons why these pieces of advice will be helpful.

Benefits of Remotely Care

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As we said, the happiness and safeness of your elderly parents are your main priority.

  • Peace

First of all, you will feel proud.According to, many people feel bad because they can’t dedicate time to their elderly parents because of their personal goals. More precisely, they feel like they are bad people. Taking care of your elderly parents remotely will bring you peace. You will be able to know in each moment how they feel, which things they need, which daily tasks they have etc.

  • Multitasking

More precisely, you won’t need to sacrifice anything. You can check how your parents feel while you work. Besides that, if you work hard, then you need to have free time, right? Well, choosing this option won’t make you disturb your daily routine. You will have enough time to get rest and be effective at work. Besides that, you will also be a good son or daughter.

  • Security

Finally, you already know that we live in a strange world. The planet Earth is full of antisocial elements. So, being in touch with your parents will ensure that they are safe. You will know in each moment what’s going on in their lives. Imagine how great this is. You can be miles away from them, but you can also ensure their safeness.

  • Making Their Lives More Comfortable

Security is not the only thing that your parents need. Logically, they need assistance because they won’t be able to move through the house efficiently. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that directly, but you can find people that will do that instead of you.

Being there for your parents may be the best way you can make their lives more comfortable, but right now, it’s not the safest option. In the meantime, you can settle for sending them supplies, such as food, medicine, and other aids for managing chronic conditions, such as incontinence, body pains, and sleep issues. Check here for quality, affordable adult diapers for incontinence. Still, there are many more ways you can help your aging parents even without being physically there.

So, now we come to the main part. If you think there is only one way to take care of your elderly parents remotely, then you should know you are wrong. We will highlight 5 of them that are the most effective.

1. Assess the Situation

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The first and foremost task of caregiving is to analyze the current health and living situation of your parents when it comes to caregiving. You need to have a clear idea of their needs and requirements and the level of care they need. For this, you need to ask your parents about their personal needs to make sure that you are not ignoring any of their essentials. You may need to talk to their parents to properly analyze their current health condition. Using this information, you can create the best suitable living conditions for them and ensure the provision of reliable care services when you are away.

2. Gather the Necessary Contact Information

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When you are living elsewhere, it’s obvious that much of the communication with your parents and their health care providers will be done over the phone.  According to, it’s important to choose a provider that’s certified in CPR and first aid in order to assist in emergencies.  It’s vital to create a contact list of the important people that you can reach back home when your parents need immediate help. Keep the phone numbers of their physicians, nurse, local emergency service, and the insurance company. Also, remember to note down the contact information of a person who can quickly check on them, such as a family friend for a neighbor.

3. Set up a Security System

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Modern technology has made caregiving easier when you are living far away from your parents. Installing a security system in your home is another way to have peace of mind, especially if your parent lives alone. Use medical alert alarms and video surveillance features to take care of senior adults. You may have to send them money immediately in case of emergencies. Quickly transfer money to Colombia with the help of Western Union.

4. Create an Emergency Plan

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It is vital to prepare for the health crisis and other emergencies before they happen. Use Western Union to transfer funds to Colombia in case of emergencies. It’s also a wise move to create an emergency fund for travel expenses when you need to reach your parents immediately. Do your research to know which airlines offer direct flights to your home town. Make sure to keep the first aid and emergency supply kit available at home so that your parents can access it easily when they need it for any minor injury.

5. Keep in Touch

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Make regular phone calls several times a day to make sure that they are okay. Keep the communication strong, especially when you are living a long distance from your parents. Set up regular video calls, emails, and voice messages to let them know that you care for them. Also, keep in touch with the members of your support network to make sure if any changes should be made in your caregiving plan.

6. Provide the Best Care

Providing the best care for your elderly parents remotely can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. One important aspect of caregiving is managing their daily needs and health conditions. Incontinence is a common condition among seniors that can significantly affect their quality of life. As a remote caregiver, you can help your parents manage their incontinence by providing them with high-quality incontinence products.

Finding the right incontinence products that suit your parent’s needs can make a big difference in their comfort and overall well-being. There are many options available, including adult diapers, pads, and protective underwear. Look for products that are absorbent, comfortable, and provide a good fit. It’s also essential to choose products that are easy to use and change, especially if your parents are living alone.

Apart from providing incontinence products, it’s crucial to ensure that your parents have access to proper hygiene and skincare. Frequent changing of incontinence products and proper cleaning can help prevent skin irritation and infections.

Before we say “goodbye”, there is one thing you should know. If you are reading this article, that already makes you a hero. Many people that go away from home forget about their parents and they focus too much on their personal goals. It is great if someone is ambitious, but leaving our parents and not being in touch with them because of that is rude and unfair.

We are proud of you!

So, tell us, which of these tips sounds like the most effective one? Which one will you try out? We would love to hear from you, hero!