Top 5 Malayalam Songs In 2020

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When speaking of Malayalam music, the first association is the movie industry, which is closely connected to the music industry. Malayalam film music is very highly rated. In recent years, it is one of the leading examples of popular film music in the country. In 2020 this music also sets high-quality criteria. On this occasion, we’ll present you with a selection of songs that you will surely enjoy …

We must emphasize that Sushin Shyam is still dominating during this year. On the other hand, Prince George had an incredible composing premiere in Vijay Superum Pournamiyum. Achu Rajamani was great with a quite good Kuttymama. Still, we decided to skip them on the list, because, generally speaking –  it is full of new and high-quality songs and artists.

5. Rahul Raj – Mizhiyil Paathi from the movie Oru Nakshatramulla Aakasham

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Oru Nakshatramulla Aakasham’s movie has a very well made soundtrack. Although it contains only three songs, the soundtrack is exceptional in its musical and artistic quality. Rahul Raj ‘Mizhiyil Paathi’ stands out from this soundtrack. The song has a gentle rhythm that is a bit like a lullaby. Still, it is quite appropriate. The context of the song is also embodied in the video. At the heart of this music story, there is a teacher showing love and care for a disabled student. With her vocals, Sithara Krishnakumar was able to convey the tenderness and seriousness of the theme that the song deals with.

4. PS Jayhari – Pavizha Mazha (from the film Athiran)

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Here is a composing debut on our list. But still, one of the most downloadable songs. PS Jayhari premiered with a short soundtrack for the movie Athiran. We may say that other songs from the soundtrack are not as attractive as ‘Pavizha Mazha’. But on the other hand, this song compensates everything. The rhythm progression is incredible. Your music senses will enjoy slow chimes, violin rush and a great video following this song. Check out kuttyweb for this and some other great songs. 

3. Leela L Girish Kuttan – Athippoovin (from the film Oronnonnara Pranayakadha)

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Leela Girish Kuttan found a place on our list because of this unusual composition full of contrasts. This song found its place on an Oronnonnara Pranayakadha soundtrack. This song full of electronic beats is almost contagious for listeners. Stunning and extremely engaging, this song will almost immediately get into your head.


2. Arunvijay – Puthiya Vazhi (from the film Mr and Ms Rowdy)

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You may remember him for his composing debut in PC Sreeram’s Praana. ‘Shalabhamayi’ by Arunvijay was a very mysterious song that paid the attention to this musician. Soon, Arunvijay proved himself once again. The second film was launched – Mr and Ms Rowdy. This beautiful ballad is almost hypnotic and it will make you listen to it again, and again, and again…

1. Sooraj S Kurup – Ore Kannal (from the film Luca)

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Sooraj Kurup had his major step out from the comfort zone with the song ‘Ore Kannal’. This song is quite different from anything else you may have heard. The unbelievably good fusion of rock, rhythm and good vocals will make you filled with great energy.


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