Top 5 Locations For The Ultimate Surfing Trip

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The world certainly isn’t witness to any shortage of surfing locations and so finding the perfect spot for a break you’ll remember can be a daunting task. Whether you’re already donning your wetsuit and heading out to get some practice, or you’re just looking for a unique summer break, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the top locations for a surfing trip in 2019.

Waikiki, Hawaii

If there was ever a well-known surf break destination, Waikiki would be it – and understandably so. With stunning turquoise waters that offer surf opportunities for everything from beginners to experts, you can enjoy long, rolling waves in glorious sunshine. After you’ve had your fill of the surf, you can head back to shore to sample the rich local coffee and a bite of Hawaiian delicacies. It can get crowded during peak holiday times, however, so if you’re able to travel during the cooler months, you’ll get to enjoy the stunning beach without the bustle of crowds.

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Mozambique is an unmissable destination for those wanting a surfing trip with an adventurous twist. While there is plenty of unique surf to enjoy for every day of your break, you’ll want to stay onshore to explore the incredible natural beauty of South Africa’s neighbour. With long stretches of white, sandy beaches to stroll alone, clear tropical waters that give you a unique view of the sea life below and plenty of opportunities to swim with whale sharks, this is a beach holiday you’ll never forget.

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Canggu, Bali

Bali is a holiday destination that offers it all – you can head out onto the waves during the day for a spot of unique surf experiences, before heading off to explore rice paddies, delicious food and a vibrant village full of restaurants, bars and plenty of high-end shopping opportunities. For surfers, the predictable wave patterns give you the chance to try out a few new skills to enhance your experience. The reef breaks are perfect for intermediate surfers, giving you some incredible surf with an amazing view to boot.

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If Costa Rica sounds like the perfect holiday destination but you want to escape the heavy crowds during peak seasons, Nicaragua is often seen to be the perfect alternative. While it may not be quite as well-versed in tourists, it’s quickly working it’s way up at the perfect destination for those wanting a quiet, affordable yet still stunning trip. The surf here is perfect for all abilities, with various beaches offering various levels of surf, each of which is only a stone’s throw away from some incredible natural gems for you to discover.

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San Vicente de la Barquera, Spain

Does surfing beside meadows sound like your dream holiday? Then San Vicente de la Barquera in Spain is the destination for you. While it’s sandy beaches still feature the typical Spanish charm, the surrounding villages, meadows, forests, cliffs and dunes each offer something unique to explore and enjoy between surf breaks. Speaking of which – the surf here has something for everyone. The main beach has regular surf for beginners, with bigger, more challenging breaks for those with more experience on a board. Finish off hours spent surfing with tapas from Michelin-star restaurants to truly round off your day.

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Surfing locations may be plentiful, but there are only a few that are truly bucket-list worthy. The five we’ve listed here are certainly adding to your list and as we head towards the summer months, now could be the time to start booking. Happy travels!



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