Top 12 Tips to Safely Date Philippines Women online – 2024 Guide

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In the last few years, online dating has become increasingly popular. Older western men are in continuous search for younger Filipina wives. Dating Filipino girls have become very famous due to the large availability of Filipino girls, their exotic looks and their beautiful manners and speech.

While it is fun to date Philippines women online, it is also very important to be very careful and proceed with caution. There are many catfishers out there and you never know if your girl is one of them. They’re one of the best Philippines online dating tips that anybody can give you is to always be safe and cautious before introducing yourself to a Philippines woman.

Here we are going to lose some of the most useful tips that you can employ while dating online with Philippines women.

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1. Always do your complete research before finally introducing yourself in-person to a Philippines woman. Do a simple google search beforehand look for pictures on platforms other than Facebook and Instagram. This does not mean all that you need to become a creepy guy and stalk the Filipino girl. Just do appropriate research that is within the boundaries of legality.

2. Try to go for a video chat before meeting her for the first time in person. There are so many video chats available on the internet right now such as Skype or FaceTime. Seeing your Filipino girl on the camera will reduce your risks of being catfished and being misled. Go here if you want to date a Filipino girl without any chances of being misled or lied to.

3. When you are going to meet your date for the first time, the best Philippines online dating tip that one can ever give you is to always meet in a public place for the first time. Meet somewhere where there are a lot of people such as a park or a cafe. In this way, if you become uncomfortable or uneasy by your date, you can always cry for help. Alternatively, a family member or a friend can stand close by to rescue you if you ever needed it.

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4. Always carry a bottle of pepper spray in your bag. Now, this Philippines online dating tip is mostly for the Filipino girls. Most probably you would not have to use pepper spray. The bit in case things go bad, pepper spray can come to your rescue in the toughest of times.

5. Do not try to get very drunk on your first date with a Filipino girl. Always be mindful of the fact their date might not be a good person or have the best interests at heart. Therefore control the limit of your booze on the first date.

6. Be careful of how much information you share on your first date. When you introduce yourself to a Philippines woman that you met online, be cautious but nor rude in terms of what you tell her.

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7. To turn your safety up a notch, use google voice number instead of your number. In case the date does not go well, you will save yourself a truckload of troubles if she or he does not have your number with them. Your date can turn out to be a creep and a stalker. So better safe than sorry.

8. Always try to involve your family or friends in the romance. Whether you are chatting with a new Filipino girl you met online, you should always tell someone beforehand. Even if you decide to go out on a date with her, somebody in your family or friend’s circle should know about it. Provide all the necessary information to your family or friend including the name of your date, where you are going out and when should they expect you to be back.

9. A very important Philippines online dating tip is to never leave your food unattended while you are out on your first romantic date. Drugs such as roofies or GHB are becoming increasingly common and are being used by both men and women. So play it safe and keep guarding your food or drink throughout your state.

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10. If you are going on a date with a Filipino girl for the first time, try to go on a group date. Ask her to bring a friend and you can take any of your friends. Make it a double date. It will be fun and safe simultaneously.

11. If you are not serious about your date and just want to have a casual romance, tell her beforehand.  Misleading your date can piss her off and it will not be good for you. She might have already started thinking about being your Filipina wife. So be a gentleman and do not break her heart. You don’t want to anger a Filipino girl, trust me.

12. Always trust your gut instincts when you introduce yourself to a Philippines woman online or in person. If you are getting a feeling about her or if she is giving out a good vibe, by all means, continue. Otherwise, it is not worth taking a risk. You can always find another prettier Filipino girl. Check out BestBrides that contains a vast number of Philippines online dating sites. You will be the one in one of those dating sites.

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Now that you are familiar with the basics of safely dating Philippines women, you can go ahead and find yourself the perfect Filipino girl. An important safety tip of all is to use a legitimate Philippines online dating site. You can safely find your perfect Filipina bride at BestBrides. Make sure to carefully read and understand all our safety tips and implement them whenever you are introduced to anybody on an Online dating site.