Top 10 Car Gadgets for the Car Enthusiast 2020

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It’s that time of year again. Time for everyone to flood the stores and buy hundreds of dollars worth of things they don’t need. Gift the gearhead or car junkie the best car gadgets money can buy. There are loads of new products hitting the shelves every day, and choosing which are the best can be tricky.

With the massive influx of technology, gadgets, and accessories for cars are now more refreshing than ever. It was tough to narrow it down, but just like the list of the best car insurance companies this year, here are the ten best car gadgets to buy the gearhead in your life.

1. TOGUARD Backup Camera

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Most new cars have backup cameras already installed, but if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a car that’s only a few years old, you don’t have a backup camera. TOGUARD’s camera is a 1080p dashcam with a 7-inch touch screen. The camera can be used as a dashcam to keep track of your forward driving and can help classic or other car owners have a more easily drivable car. People are aggressive drivers these days, so having an extra touch of safety is always a good thing. If you’re struggling to keep your car running through the next winter season, check out our list of essentials to do to keep your vehicle moving.

2. BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer

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Drunk driving is the leading cause of death on the roadways. Any gadget that can combat this problem is something worth paying attention to. The BACtrack C6 is a keychain breathalyzer that you can hang on your keys. The objective is to keep it under a certain amount and assure yourself that you’re able to drive home. You’ve seen it before–the guy next to you says he’s fine to drive, but you aren’t too sure. The keychain breathalyzer could show that your friend shouldn’t be driving. Any precaution to keep more drunk drivers aware and not behind the wheel is worth talking about.

3. Lebonger Backseat Organizer

This gadget is for all the parents out there with multiple kids. The organization can be a complete nightmare when you have a million things without a place in your vehicle. From your baby’s travel blanket to some snacks for your cranky ten-year-old, this Lebonger backseat organizer can solve all your clutter issues. The seat organizer fits nearly all vehicles and will give you an extra cup holder and many more pockets to keep things that usually roam free and take up space in your car. If you’re having a tough time with clutter in your car, this gadget will solve the problem.

4. Escort IX Laser Radar Detector

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Coming in at number four is the Escort IX Laser Radar Detector. Police are everywhere, and let’s face it, speeding is the most common thing people do on the road. It always seems like the posted speed limit isn’t enough. If you’re one of those people with a lead-foot or always getting a ticket, this radar detector could help you save a lot of money. This gadget is not cheap but could save you thousands in the long run. The Escort IX notifies you with a clear voice when there are live police near, it has an attached app, speed alerts, and tracks your position with pinpoint GPS. For the mechanics that are developing the fastest cars possible, here are our favorite socket sets.

5. Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum

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Everybody needs a vacuum. Cars get dirty fast, and a convenient vacuum is everything. If you’re like me and don’t own a fancy soccer mom van that has a readily available vacuum in the trunk, this Black & Decker portable vacuum is perfect for you. Equipped with a lithium battery for long life and great performance, the vacuum holds a charge for up to 18 months. It’s a lightweight tool that can be kept in your garage or the trunk if you’re on the go a lot. For more information about car vacuum cleaners, visit this page.

6. Cooluli Mini Fridge

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For all the travelers out there, this is a cool accessory to add to the backseat. The Cooluli Mini Fridge holds about six cans or four water bottles. If you’re a long-distance nomad that spends more time in your car than anywhere else, this mini fridge is perfect for you. With everything centering around style, this thing looks (and is) cool.

7. WizGear Magnetic Phone Mount

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As mentioned before, technology is taking over everything. It has caused more distracted driving accidents than ever before. Texting and driving is also an enormous issue. With that being said, phone mounts are more important to use than you may think. If you’re a frequent driver a phone mount is perfect for you.

8. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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Another gadget gift for the frequent traveler that always comes in handy is the Thule Motion XT cargo carrier. Attach it to your roof, and this carrier adds sixteen feet of additional space to your vehicle. The best part about this roof carrier is the aerodynamic design. Most rooftop cargo carriers will have you filling your gas tank up every exit, but this aerodynamic design is meant to keep your car fuel-efficient.

9. Lihan All-in-One

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The only reason this Lihan all-in-one is not higher on the list is that new cars come equipped with most of the perks of this device. Designed for the classic car or out-dated vehicles, this gadget contains handsfree calling, a car charger, wireless Bluetooth Receiver, mp3 Music Stereo Adapter, and dual USB ports. The Lihan device is perfect for somebody looking to bring their vehicle into the future.

10. Cobalt Car Hammer

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Many people forget the importance of safety when they think about situations that will not happen often. However, you never know when something tragic could happen to you. The Cobalt Car Hammer is designed to break glass windows in the case of an emergency easily. It’s an easy thing to purchase and give you and your family peace of mind. If you’re an aspiring handyman, here’s the must-have-tools you should purchase.


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