The Types of Heels Available from the Chloé Unique Collection

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For those not in the know, Chloé is a significant fashion brand that creates fragrances, clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to their avid fashionistas that they call Chloé girls. The Chloé Unique Collection has many obviously unique shoewear options for the professional modern-day woman. The collection includes heels for business or for more dressy occasions that are singularly special in design to the company. The collection of heels is fitting for anyone who wants to have a pair of heels for business and black-tie affairs. Here’s a breakdown of the different heeled shoewear options from the Chloé Unique Collection.

The Chloe Lauren Pump for the Classy Modern Woman

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For a classic appearance at professional or special events, the Lauren pump is what you are looking for. The pump has a traditional heel look, along with a nice lattice trim along the ankle. The shoe looks excellent with a variety of work ensembles. The heel is also not that tall where it is still comfortable for wearing around a job that requires some walking around the business place. The heels are also dressy enough for any black tie or cocktail party dress event. The pump is available in the pleasing shades of rose, grey glitter, charcoal black, black, elephant grey, and pink tea.

The Popular Chloe Beckie Pumps

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Chloe Beckie pumps are a very popular product from the company. The pumps are in shades black and tan. The shoes are trimmed with gold around the heel. The Beckie pumps are style staples of any modern woman’s closet. The shoes are popular in the workplace and for dressy occasions. The style has even cropped up in movies and television. One can find the collections on LUX official website.

Stylish Heeled Betty Rain Boot for Fashionistas

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Rain boots are generally not seen as something highly fashionable. Chloe has taken the rain boot and made it highly fashionable with their Betty rain boot designs. The boots are made for those who want rain boots that can also double as fashion statements. The boots are rubber with a slight heel. They are available in black and forest green for those who want something a bit more plain or something a bit more colorful out of their rain boots.

Wedge Sandals for Fashionable Wear

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Wedge sandals for fashionable wear are excellent for anyone who wants a more relaxed heeled look that can still fit for more dressy times. You can put together a good number of different outfits with the Chloé wedge sandals that can be used for various days. The wedge sandals available from the Chloé shoe collection come in shades of black, cream, tan and brown. The wedges are perfect for anyone who wants to have a heel but a little more casual of a look.

Dressing up Sandals with Heels

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Sandals getting dressed up with heels is something that is fairly common. Chloé has made their heeled sandals their own though. They have designed sandals with closed toes that are made to be a bit more professional and modern looking. You can wear these sandals in the workplace and still fit a closed-toe dress code. They created these sandals in dark tan and in light tan shades.

Heeled Ankle Booties

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The company made heeled ankle booties for the fashion-savvy who love to have comfortable workplace fitting boots. Ankle booties are fitting for anyone who wants to have professional shoewear that works for anyone that wants something a bit different from a pair of loafers but serves a similar purpose. The heeled ankle booties from Chloe are available in various styles and colors. The colors are black, shades of tan, and some reddish hued boots.

Medium Heeled Boots

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Medium heeled boots are available from the collection for anyone who wants boots between ankle and knee height. The boots are in shades of brown, black, tan, blue, and white and black. These boots are perfect when it’s in the colder months and you still want stylish shoes. The medium boots are a combination of sock style and more average style boots.

Knee-High Heeled Boots

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The Chloé brand has a few pairs of knee-high heeled boots that were made to fit into the needs of people who need to have some taller boots for their outfit. The knee-high boots that the brand makes have a pair of boots that are deep purple and another pair that is wheat yellow with a bit of a python print across them.

The Chloé collection of heeled shoes has a little something for every modern woman. You can browse the full collection on the Chloé website to see heeled shoes and other shoes that they make. You can also shop at any high fashion store that sells the brand to view the various heel options.


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