4 Most Watched Female Twitch Streamers in 2023

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For years, the video game industry has been an exclusive area dominated by teens and men. However, things have changed a lot in recent years, so women have found their place in this industry.

Some of them have even made serious gaming careers and today earn quite serious amounts of money. On the other hand, there are popularity and followers. We will try to find out which are the most popular female streamers on Twitch.

Video Games Can Make You Millions

Video games have come a long way from their beginnings when developers created them from a hobby – to the modern titles that today, make their creators millions of dollars. Although created as an ideal way to spend your free time and have fun with your friends – games today are serious business.

The video game industry is one of the most profitable in the IT sector, and in recent years it has outpaced even the Hollywood film industry.

How To Get Started?

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The massive popularization of smartphones, computers, and consoles has made video games accessible to everyone. In addition to these devices, virtual reality goggles, which have changed the world of video games – are also increasingly popular.

However, the biggest ‘culprits’ that we find difficult to separate from these devices – are video game designers, whose job is to impress us with the game at first glance. Their task is to create characters, objects and brand new virtual worlds in games.

In other words, designers need to revive video game heroes, and more realistically portray their magic, dribbling, hitting – and other elements that we use throughout the game.

More Women in the Gaming Industry

For years, the video game industry has been an exclusive area dominated by teens and men. The typical video game player was male, up to the age of 30, and was often portrayed in the media as an isolated person who would not leave his room for days.

However, as gaming platforms changed, so too did women slowly discover the video game world. Research groups tracking the video game market have repeatedly published their research revealing that women have become big video game players. According to their data, women consume video games even more than teenagers.

Although men are still the biggest players, the number of female players in the US has climbed to almost a half.

According to some data, as many as 70 percent of girls between the ages of 12 and 24 play video games, which indicates that the percentage of women who rule the game will grow in the future.

The Industry Is Turning To Women

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What especially sets women apart from others, is the fact that they are willing to spend the money in the game itself – to advance or gain access to exclusive content such as wow boosting and the like. If you take a closer look at the situation on specialized sites like Boosthive, you will find that among buyers of accessories – you won’t find only teenagers or men who go for this game.

On the contrary, there are many women among them. Some research has found that women spend 30% more money on games than men do. In addition to being willing to spend more money, women are also more faithful to the games they play than men.

Therefore, women will play the game they chose and liked – more often than men did. On average, women return to the game 42% more often than men do.

Who Are The Top Watched Female Twitch Streamers?

If you are one of the passionate gamers, then you have certainly been annoyed numerous times by the comments that you are wasting your time and that you will not get anything from playing video games. However, the time you spend playing WoW, GTA, PES or any other game can be of great use if you decide to step into the gaming industry.

Twitch is a service through which users broadcast content mainly related to video games. It broadcasts news about new titles from the video game world, tips on various games. Many users upload their matches in various multiplayer titles, comment on new hit games or transfer gameplay from games that are not yet available. Among them, there are more than 35 % of female players. Let us introduce you to some of them…

1. KittyPlaysGames

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Behind this sweet nickname hides a 26-year-old Kristen. A young Canadian native to British Columbia, she is already a far-famed streamer who publishes her streams twice a day. Games that cover streams fall into the category of popular CS’s such as Fortnite, GO or PUBG.

However, this is a very versatile girl, as well as the fact that Kristen has her vlog where she deals with topics such as cuisine specialties, car racing and travels. The interaction she has with her chat companions and followers has made KittyPlaysGames one of the most popular streamers.

2. Kaceytron

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Kasey Caviness, otherwise called Kaceytron, is one of the controversy-followed women in gaming. This lady is amazingly famous and popular with many followers – counting more than 470,000 of them on Twitch.

This lady is likewise famous for utilizing her sexuality in order to gain more followers and expand her fame and popularity. Very well-known for her boldness, sarcasm, and great comebacks, this lady draws attention of all the audience on Twitch. You can watch a ton of streams on her Twitch channel, however her most noteworthy love is by all accounts League of Legends.

You’ll additionally discover streams that incorporate World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Grand Theft Auto V.

3. LegendaryLea

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Lea May Currier, alias, LegendaryLea is one of those famous ladies on this list with over 640,000 Twitch subscribers. A girl well-known for her high education (the major in neuroscience and psychology ) has a completely different approach. She develops a holistic and friendly interaction with her sub-scribes. This lady is an active streamer and a very passionate player of Hearthstone.

4. DingleDerper

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Tory better known by the nickname DingleDerper is another in a series of famous Twitch girls. Her favorite games are PUBG and GO, but besides playing – she is very popular because of stories about details from her private life. Very often she dances and shares recordings with her audience. She is extremely charismatic and fun. Her audience loves her, and it’s no wonder this lady has about 370,000 followers. Her streaming usually starts with the famous League of Legends.