The Most Expensive Virtual Gaming Goods Ever

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Online games have become integral parts of our lives and there are more and more game fanatics that are ready to do everything need in order to win it. This lead to the buying of numerous gadgets and tools used for on-line gaming, and their prices are astonishing.  

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10. Karambit Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) – CS:GO 

 We need to point out that this is a knife that is used during a gameplay. It is even a bit odder if we say that the price for this knife goes up to $2,000.  

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9. Blue Party Hat – Runescape 

 Yes, it is a hat, a blue one, and people are ready to pay $4,500 for it. The hat originates from 2001 and Christmas Crackers. We need to be frank and say that this hat is practically useless since there is no point of having it. Check out some review about this hat at

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8. Revenant Supercarrier – Eve Online 

We are talking about a virtual ship that has the price of $9,000. It is often bought with a game-related currency called ISK. Oh, yes, it was destroyed the moment it was built.  

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7. Zeuzo – World of Warcraft 

This one has the price of $9,500 and it is an elf of the 70th level. However, this one does not exist anymore since it was deleted because Blizzard has the policy against selling in-game characters.  

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6. Echoing Fury Mace – Diablo 3 

Priced at $14,000, it is used as an in-game fighting tool. It has been re-sold several times until it was realized how precious it is.  

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5. Sword – Age of Wulin 

The popularity of this game in China was so big that the tools and items that were used in it were already on sale before the game was even launched. The most expensive item was a sword that cost $16,000.  

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4. Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog – Dota 2 

The price of this dog that was used in-game was $38,000. It surely has magic powers, but imagine how many real puppies you can buy for that money.  

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3. Amsterdam – Second Life 

In this game, you pay actual $50,000 for this city. It is very good, since the game revolves around making them and around making real money and profit in them.  

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2. Crystal Palace Space Station – Entropia 

This is the point where it becomes insane. Namely, people pay $330,000 for this.  

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1. Club Neverdie – Entropia 

It sounds like madness, but this one was sold twice, once for $100,000 and the second time it was sold for the astonishing $635,000. It is actually a night club, a virtual one, of course.   


Yes, games have conquered this world, and some people are ready to pay a lot for obtaining some of the gadgets used in them. We would just add that Planet Calypso (Entropia) was $6 million worth when it was sold. Furthermore, Entropia land deeds were bought for $2.5 million but they make profit for the owner.  


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