The Evolution of The Rock`s Style 

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Apart from being good at wrestling and acting, which can be seen from the number of box-office hits that he films almost every year, it is clear that the popular actor is good at choosing his clothes. Frequently, he is seen very well-dressed at the promotions or premieres of his movies. We can say that he has come through some kind of evolution when it comes to clothing. 

At the begin of his career, he had some pictures where he was dressed very funnily. Sometimes, even The Rock himself makes fun of his old style. We are going to present you with several occasions, where Dwayne Johnson presented himself in different styles. 

The Beginnings  

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At the signing of his book “The Rock Says” in 2000, he appeared in sunglasses and a tight, blue sweater. 

Clean Slat

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While Mr. Johnson was promoting his debut leading role in “The Mummy Returns” in 2001, he appeared wearing a sweater with stripes of white and light brown, white pants, and sandals. 

On the Tonight Show 

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On the set of TV show “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in 2002, he appeared in a striped sweater and black jeans. 

Khaki Suit 

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In 2004, on the presentation of an award, he wore a khaki suit. Some people were pleased with his style, saying that it matches his physical appearance.  

On MTV Movie Awards

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He decided to be comfortable and cool on the red carpet of MTV movie awards back in 2004. He wore a blue t-shirt, jeans, and a cardigan. 

The Start of a Signature Style 

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At the same year, the first signs of his future style emerged. He started appearing in black leather jacket and jeans of darker colors.  

When in London 

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In the year of 2005, The Rock appeared in London premiere. He wore a brown jacket, jeans, and a white scarf. 

Stage Appearance 

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That same year, on the set of Movie Awards, he appeared all in black, and with a minimal necklace that featured a minimal cross. It looked like a personal touch. 

Another Leather Jacket 

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We can say that The Rock is a fan of wearing leather jackets. On one appearance on TRL in 2005, he was seen wearing a brown leather jacket. 

Dressed for Parties 

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In Oscar`s Vanity Fair party, in 2006, he wore an unbuttoned shirt under a tuxedo blazer. 

Sharp and Trim 

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At 2007`s Teen Choice Awards, he appeared in a simple white shirt with buttons and black pants. 

Choosing Something Fancy 

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At the 2008` Academy Awards, The Rock confirmed that he knows how to dress for a formal occasion. 

Another Khaki Suit 

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When the Rock decides not to wear anything black, he often wears a khaki suit. We saw him in another one on an appearance on one show in 2008. 

How to Wear a Shirt 

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In 2008, he appeared on one red carpet occasion with a perfect blue shirt and black pants. 

Trench Coat 

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Another time in London, in 2009, Mr. Johnson appeared in a trench coat, which was a surprise to many of the people that saw him. 

Another Tonight Show Appearance 

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In 2012, the Rock appeared with a white shirt and black pants, and a vest. 

Well, Something Different 

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In 2016, he appeared wearing spikes and leather. How cool is that? 

Great husband and awesome dad

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In 2019, he is a happy dad and a great husband who spend all of his free time with his family


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