How Technology Has Positively Changed The Gaming Industry


Technology has had a profound effect on the gaming industry and the two go seamlessly hand in hand as we move into the future. Gaming has always continued to reach as high as possible to bring as much realism to the user as possible, and the advancement of technology in this field has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years.

The line between what is fantasy and what is reality has become thinner and the future promises to push this boundary even further. Technology has helped take gaming from a purpose of entertainment to education and training for certain occupations too.

Here are some technological advancements that have helped the gaming industry grow and shift into what it is today:

  • Virtual reality
  • Facial recognition
  • Incredibly realistic graphics
  • Gesture controls
  • Voice recognition
  • Wearable gaming consoles
  • Augmented reality

Gaming has changed and morphed so much over the past few decades, let’s take a closer look at some of the areas in which technology has positively and directly affected the gaming industry.

Cloud Based Technology


The two biggest factors of cloud-based technology are of course the space and storage being freed up for gamers and making games more accessible to the players.

Before cloud-based technology was the commonly used storage space, gamers had no choice but to invest in the right machines, consoles and equipment in order to play the games they wanted.

But now, the player can connect, store and save their gaming experience remotely in cloud-based technology which frees up time, space, stress and money.

The Hyperreality Experience

Hyperreal experiences are also referred to as location-based entertainment, or LBE. This is where virtual reality meets physical reality to create the most life-like gaming experience possible.

Hyperreality gaming is the gaming of the future, it takes the gaming experience to the next level by combining the details of the spacing/people in the room as well as the virtual reality experience.

Player-Generated Games


This new era of gaming development is about to hit the gaming industry and hit it hard. Players will actually be able to contribute to their favourite game and its advancements, this means developers will be able to outsource new content to their most dedicated fans.

Players will have the opportunity to have influence over certain aspects of game creation in order to create their perfect gaming experience suited to their own individual needs.


Smartphones have been the most fundamental and influential leap in gaming technology in recent years. Smartphones changed the gaming world from exclusive to inclusive. In the past if you wanted to have the gaming experience, you would have to purchase a console or PC that could provide that experience for you, and the game too.

But now, each smartphone has the ability to provide some form of gaming experience for absolutely anybody. You can even access the go. Smartphones go with us everywhere and have allowed gaming to become something that can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

Online Gaming For The Post-Covid World


The Covid-19 pandemic marked the beginning of the end for many traditional retail and entertainment industries. Cinemas, music festivals and even shopping malls have all been antiquated by the rapid rise of online retail and streaming services as well as the global lockdown.

Casinos, however, had a bit of an advantage. Before Covid hit, online gaming had already been established as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar options. Covid-19 took these options and made them the norm, enlisting millions of players, and bringing them into the brave new world of online gambling. But what options are there for those real-world enthusiasts who don’t know where to go?

Desktop Gaming

This style of gaming caters to those who prefer the larger screens offered by laptops and desktops. For older players, this style of gaming might be a little easier on the eyes.

This more traditional style of online gaming was originally for those who preferred Slots and Video Poker, and while these are still favourite options, developers have been working on other games that include a multiplayer aspect like Poker and Baccarat.

These games are generally slower and more suited for those who enjoy a relaxing game to unwind after a busy day. If this style appeals to you, be sure to look out for perks such as free spins and extra credits that are sure to arrive as you play.

Mobile Gaming


These days we use our phones for almost everything – from calls to surfing the web and so much more. Gaming is no exception and in recent years Android and iOS mobile apps have been one of the fastest-growing revenue streams for established casinos looking to stick with the times. Mobile gaming is perfect for commuters and those who live busy lifestyles.

You can play a quick round of your favourite casino game wherever you are, whenever you want! For both desktop and mobile-oriented gaming, be sure to do a bit of research to find out which services are trustworthy and worth your time.

Having an app that’s crammed full of adverts can become frustrating but paying for a scam can be even more distressing. Most app stores have a reviews section that is worth a read before you enter your card details.

Live Games

For fans of the ‘proper’ casino experience, live games are as close to the real thing as you can get. More established casinos will set up multiple cameras to make the experience as fluid and cinematic as possible.

Players have to have their hands and cards at the appropriate times. Cutting edge software then analyses each card combination to establish a winner. This seamless experience can also be an engaging spectator sport and enthusiasts will often wait with bated breath for their favourite players to go head-to-head at a game of Poker.

Once again make sure to do your research and find a casino you can trust and that offers real money online Bingo and other games too. These three types of online gaming all have their place but whoever you are, you can be sure that one of these options is going to make you a very lucky player.