3 Table Games Better Than Slots

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While the majority of casino goers will choose slots over any other game choice, there certainly are some options that might be better for you. For instance, players that aren’t so focused on winning a large jackpot and only have that goal in mind might have more fun with a game that challenges them a bit more.

This is exactly the case with the following games. This may not come with huge jackpot prizes in the millions, but what they offer in terms of odds and enjoyment is simply unmatched in the world of slot games.

1. Poker

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Poker players already know that no other game could compare. That is why they are so passionate about the game, sites like 1xBet Colombia see thousands of users daily who are there just for the incredible poker action.

The thing about poker that makes it vastly different from any other casino game is that it isn’t nearly as luck-based. For instance, with the right knowledge and practice, anyone can master the game and become a poker shark. Moreover, with so many outlets for streaming and playing tournaments online, it can actually be a viable income source as well.

2. Blackjack

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If you don’t mind challenging your mind a little, then you’ll like blackjack. This is a card game that is extremely popular all over the world, as it combines both luck and a bit of skill for thrilling gameplay. With blackjack, you can apply the basic strategy and have the best odds of things working out in your favor. And that’s already on top of this being the game with the lowest house edge and best odds of winning.

Therefore, if you like the idea of slowly increasing your profits thanks to your amazing ability to use logic, then you’ll love this game more than any other.

3. Baccarat

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In Asia, baccarat leads as the number one casino game, even overtaking slots for most popular. Seems like the Asian market understand that fifty-fifty odds on a game based purely on luck is a very good bet. In baccarat, you place your bet first, then the dealer does everything else. This takes the pressure off you worrying about making a mistake. There’s something in for players that enjoy good odds, but also love the element of luck and destiny involved.

Furthermore, most of the even-money roulette betting systems are totally applicable to baccarat as well. So, feel free to give them a try next time you find yourself at a baccarat table, virtual or otherwise. There are also various websites which are offering information about บา คา ร่า. You just need to find appropriate one and learn everything you need to know before start playing it.


There are many different personality types among the people that visit casinos. Slots offer an amazing way to get rich instantly if you get lucky enough. But they are notorious for having bad odds compared to other games, for obvious reasons.

So, if you feel like taking a break from them once in a while, try one of the games above for more engagement, and smaller but certainly more frequent wins. Which may prove to be extremely satisfying.