Style Advice Perfect for Every Man – 2023 Guide


The concept of sartorial style is hard to define but easy to spot. We can all notice someone who has it – and soon tell if someone hasn’t.

The way individuals dress and present themselves through clothing and accessories can be vital to the way they are perceived.

The details of this can include paying attention to elements like fit, fabric, colour, patterns, and overall aesthetic choices.

The overall impression though is more about confidence, sophistication, and ambience. The most important thing to note is that it doesn’t take a big budget or a lot of time. From wearing retro look flared jeans to choosing the right tie for an outfit, there are always going to be differences between the ages in fashion choices.

casual styles for man

Younger men can lean towards contemporary and casual styles. They may experiment with different looks and can embrace slim fits and bold colours. Meanwhile middle-aged men need to find a balance between classic and modern.

They may prefer well-tailored garments, timeless patterns like pinstripes or checks and more subtle colours.

And older men are most likely to adopt a more traditional approach to their style. This may mean classic cuts, refined fabrics, and quality craftsmanship.

Male style differs from women’s fashion in key areas; Men focus on tailored garments, such as suits, shirts, trousers, and blazers. Classic menswear emphasizes clean lines, structured silhouettes, and muted colours.

In contrast, the sartorial world of women is more likely to be more varied and flexible. Women’s wardrobes of course contain a wider range of clothing choices, from dresses and skirts to pants and suits.

Their style can vary from feminine and elegant to androgynous and edgy. They have more freedom to combine cuts, fabrics, patterns, and colours in a single outfit.

So, men often find it harder to express themselves through their style. They feel they have so little choice. Nevertheless, the fashion experts say that there are certain style tips that can be beneficial for men of all ages and personalities.

Here are some sartorial suggestions that can help enhance any man’s appearance:

Fit Is Fundamental

Regardless of age or personality, well-fitting clothing is essential. Avoid overly baggy or tight garments.

Always opt for clothes that flatter your body type and proportions. Proper hand-tailoring can be a great investment to achieve a perfect fit.

Value Versatility

men browsing suits

Men should invest in versatile and timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched easily.

Classics like well-tailored suits, quality shirts, dark denim and versatile shoes (such as Oxfords or loafers) are great ingredients. These can help form the foundation of a stylish wardrobe.

Quality Over Quantity

Prioritize quality over quantity by buying well-made garments that are built to last. Quality fabrics and craftsmanship not only look better but also tend to age gracefully.

Concentrate on Details

Small details make a big difference. So, pay attention to finer points like collar shape, cuff style, buttons, and stitching.

Always ensure that accessories, such as belts, watches, and shoes complement your overall look.


subtle shades outfits for men

Don’t shy away from trying colours and patterns in your outfits. Start with subtle shades and patterns, and gradually experiment with bolder choices.

Use colour and pattern combinations to express your personality and to add visual interest to your look.

Good Grooming Helps

Personal grooming plays a vital role in overall style. Keep your hair and facial hair tidy, keep nails neat and pay attention to skincare. A polished personal look enhances any outfit.

Confidence Is Key

No matter what you wear, confidence is the most important aspect of style. Own your look and carry yourself with confidence. When you feel good in your clothes, it shows.

These tips are general guidelines for most men but remember that personal style is a reflection of an individual’s tastes and preferences.

Fashion is a highly personal form of self-expression – so feel free to adapt any advice here to suit your own unique personality.