As A Student How Can You Help And Lead Your Society – 2024 Guide

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We all inspired by those superheroes we had seen in movies or cartoons when we were kids.  We even wanted to be like them to save the world. School is the first institute where we send our kids to get educated and make them a better part of society. Schools are places where our children absorb knowledge and information and shape up their character. A student learns and explores his capabilities with their teacher’s help, and by the experiences, they come across. We all aware of the students’ council we had back in our schools and high schools. All of us were eager to be a part of it as it was the platform that offered for us to show our skills and leadership qualities. A student council help students to voice their opinions to the school management to help make the learning environment better.

Our parents wish for us to get an education not only for a better future but also to be a better citizen of the state or country. Our teachers guide us through every thick and thin; often, our student counselor also help us to overcome the hurdles we face. Students are the bridges between two generations, with proper guidance and support, they can understand the happening of today, eliminate the bad and learn well out of it for a better implementation tomorrow. Education can empower students to gauge whatever is happening in their surroundings. It also enhances their critical thinking, builds a problem-solving attitude, but also it can develop self-confidence to lead a responsible life.

Once we have completed our school and high school years, we struggle to decide on a professional degree program. We all have different preferences when it comes to choosing a career, but if you are someone with a motivation to make society better, you can always find out options by clicking on Below are a few suggestions on how you can help the community to be better.

1. One step at a time

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Being part of the young generation, we are the most enthusiastic and impulsive at the same time. The idea of being able to make a change is so overwhelming that we want to get things done in a go. We should not forget that as a student, we do not have access to resources like any adult person with some authority. Do not think that you cannot contribute as a student; you surely can. Instead of signing up in so many projects, it is better to approach one by one. This one step at a time will help you focus on the task, and you can give your best by paying your undivided attention.

2. Plant trees

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Who would like to breathe in a suffocating environment? No one, even the animals, will migrate. A fresh air not only lift our mood, but it also makes our breathing better as we will have plenty of oxygen. If you want to make a change in the long run, the best thing to do is to be a part of any plantation campaign and plant trees. Planting trees will make the environment better. Also, the upcoming generation will have fresh air to breathe.

3. Share knowledge and Resources

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What if we are students? We are still part of society, so if we help our fellow students, we are helping the community. One of the easy ways is to share our knowledge. If we see our fellow struggling with some difficult concept, we can help them understand it better. Doing a project and your classmate has fewer resources? You can always share your support and ideas that you have in the back of your mind.

4. Importance of building community

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When you feel that you can play a part in the betterment of society, it is essential to understand the importance of a community. If you are leading your student council, you can quickly build connections between families and your school’s student communities. This bridging can help not only families but students to work together to solve issues and create a peaceful environment for everyone in the city. A friendly community can only sustain if all the members work together and stay on the same page.

5. Help Charity

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We all have local charity centers that help us in times of need. As a teenage student, you can help in raising funds. People will not only appreciate your gestures but to encourage you, they will donate the money for funds as well. If you are hosting your birthday party, this is the right time to ask people for the charity by concealing it as your birthday present. While inviting the guests to your party, you can ask them to bring items to donate to your local charity instead of bringing you birthday presents. You can check the We Charity and find out more about the charity funding.

6. Volunteer

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Although we are in our teens but volunteering for social welfare tasks can help us learn a lot of things about our society. Volunteering allows us to be part of community services, and it can also give an insight into familiar problems faced by the people. Having a clear picture of issues, you can become aware of people and convince them to join the noble cause of facilitating community services.


Students are our future builders. They are the future doctors, engineers, or even social workers. If we can instill the love for the community in their teenage, they are going to be an empath person with a motif to help the community grow better. Teachers and parents can play a vital role in building up self-esteem and belief in their child’s leadership skills. Encouraging students to practice community services will keep them connected not only to people but also to their empathy. Empathy can drive mountains if one has the urge to step out and help those people of the community who needs it.