Beat the Expert Fashion Looks With the Right Pair of Shades


Whether it’s summer, autumn, winter, or spring, there are a few things that can be worn all year long.

A stylish pair of sunglasses is one of those few things that never go out of style. Be it a scorching sunny day, or a pleasant breezy morning, the right pair of sunglasses will you’re your eyes cool, and your look even cooler.

Sunglasses can be expensive. Hence, you need to know a few tips before you go in for the purchase. Read on!

Tips to choose the perfect pair

1. Why do you need them?


Among the crucial tips for choosing your trendy sunglasses, the most important one is getting a pair of glasses that can endure your activity level. If you are not a very active individual, you don’t need to invest in a high-end pair. You can purchase a replica for a much lower price.

However, they may not offer you the much-needed protection that you will need if you are to go biking, running, skating, or playing other sports. Make sure that if you do intend to use your sunglasses for high-impact activities, you get frames and lenses that are specially designed to stand up to the task.

You will need polycarbonate or glass lenses at the very least. They are less likely to shatter. Moreover, your shades must have 100% UV protection to prevent your eyes from damage caused by UV rays.

2. How long do you want them?

Are you someone who likes to stick to the current fashion or do you prefer buying a quality pair of sunglasses in classic styles and wearing them for years? If you are cool with disposing of a pair of sunglasses after they’ve gone out of style, then watch out for the hottest trends by watching celebrities on television and in the movies, following interviews with designers, and observing your fashion-forward peers.

On the flip side, if you choose to splurge on a classic pair then try an exquisite pair of quality aviators, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, or a vintage pair of sunglasses that you can see yourself wearing for years. Visit for more help with choosing the right sunglasses for you.

3. Which color do you prefer?


If you are looking for a specific color for your sunglasses, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can easily find large plastic frames in almost any color you could think of. Moreover, one can find a good variety in metal frames as well.

You can also choose lenses that match the color of the frame, or ones that provide a stark contrast. If you are fretting about which color to choose, a great tip would be to consider a color that compliments the tone of your skin.

Colors such as silver, soft bronze, pink, purple, blue, and red go well with a pinkish-fair complexion. Consider gold, copper, yellow, orange, beige, or brown for a darker skin tone. Moreover, colors such as gray or amber are great if you are looking for versatile lens colors.

4. Factor in your face shape

Some people like to enhance their features by wearing sunglasses. So, you can balance out your features with sunglasses by choosing the opposite shape. For example, if you have a very round face shape, choosing a pair that has a rectangular or shape will do you good.

On the contrary, you will need a more rounded frame if you have very angular features.
Heart-shaped faces look great in average-sized frames rather than oversized ones. On the flip side, a person with a narrow forehead and wide jaw will look sensational in oversized frames.

People with oval-shaped faces can get away with almost any frame size or shape. Now, that you have done your research and made up your mind about the shape, color, and quality of sunglasses you want to purchase, it is time you consider how much you are willing to pay for them.

If you are into designer frames or high-end ones, then you might want to consider investing in a pricier pair. However, if you care for the design but not for the quality, you can go in for a knockoff for dirt cheap. So, whether you want sunglasses to look good or play hard, ensuring your pair is of good quality is highly recommended.

Choose The Perfect Lens Colour


The color of the lens affects the level of comfort one gets while wearing sunglasses. Some of the shades of lenses that are commonly used in sunglasses are as follows:

Brown Lens

Brown color lens reduces the strain on your eyes and gives you glare-free vision. This color is suitable for outdoor events such as hiking, golfing, and any other sporting event. These colors allow you to see distant objects very clearly and also allow you to make a clear distinction between distant objects.

Grey or Black Colored Lens


If you are going for a walk in cloudy or sunny weather, black or grey colored lenses are most suitable. These glasses reduce the glare and do not let your eyes get tired. If you are someone who loves to take a walk on sunny days, you can tie black sunglasses with your casual attire. Moreover, you can also use these color lenses while driving or fishing.

Green Lens

If you are a sportsperson or you are wearing sporty attire green lens is a must for you. These lenses have a calming effect on your eyes and can enhance clarity in your vision.
Now that you have understood all the types of lenses that are available and how you can make yourself look awesome in them, you are now ready to be the center of attraction at any place that you visit.

The fashion of sunglasses that stemmed from Hollywood has now gained prominence in every walks of life. While choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses that matches your style, you should consider both the shape of the frame and the color of the lens inside it. It will help you look decent yet glamorous.