Repellent 2018 Fashion Trends We Do Not Want To See In 2019

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2018 was a year of turning casual items of clothing into statement pieces. Many fashion trends of the year were inspired by streetwear, but also many of those trends seem to be a failure. Next, to it, we have seen throwback trends from the ’90s and ’00s, that should have stayed there. While we’ve enjoyed leopard-print everything, fanny packs, and woven bags, there were some of the worst and most hideous fashion trends of 2018 that we are thrilled to say goodbye to in 2019. We’ve made a list of eight of them. Take a look.

Designer Plastic Bags

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While grocery stores are phasing out the plastic bags in order to help take care of our planet, brands like Celine are selling their versions of a designer plastic shopping bags for „paltry“ $790.

Tiny Sunglasses

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This trend was very popular among celebrities in 2018. While it looked nice, its frame didn’t bring any good to their health, since there was no way it could block UV rays.

Bike Shorts

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This athleisure trend of 2018 is certainly something we do not wish to test out now nor anytime soon.

Crocs Collabs

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Rubber clogs seem to be wanted. Once it was believed they are part of the past, the limited-edition of these crocs, designed by Post Malone, were sold out in 10 minutes.

Puffer Dresses

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At one point the puffer dress trend seems like a good investment since it is winter. But considering the fact that this investment is equivalent to a couple of months rent, it doesn’t seem good anymore.

Sporty Shades

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This ’90s trend tried to make a comeback in 2018. It failed, so we hope it won’t try again in 2019.

Fashion Rubber Gloves

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At Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 show, designer Raf Simons made his runway models weal extra-long rubber gloves. We don’t think they should be worn anywhere other than toilet while you’re cleaning it.

Bootcut Jeans

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There were claims that bootcut jeans will become a lovable trend and that it is just a matter of time when. With that in mind, it is safe to say that we would rather have a skinny jeans comeback than this.


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