Put Yourself on the Map by Verifying your Email

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Email Marketing is one of the best ways to improve traffic on your website, as well as improve engagement with your consumers. That is why marketing and sales experts are always interested in building an email list. Email marketing provides an incredible ROI, so it is no wonder why everyone is using email marketing in their businesses.

However, if you implemented email marketing into your company, but it is not producing any results one major problem might be the quality of your contact or subscribers. If your mailing list has emails that are spam traps, role-based, or incorrect, your deliverability will suffer. And it will also hinder your ROI. If this is happening to you, email verification is the answer.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification or email validation is the process of checking the accuracy and quality of the email addresses you have gathered. The process begins by checking if the syntax of the email is correct. After that, the tool will check if the domain name is correct and once it found that it is, the advanced technical process begins. After the process ends, the tool will display the results. Each email address that is verified will be classified under different categories, such as accept-all, safe to send, free service, disposable, invalid, role-based, free service, and so on. Based on the results you get, you can choose to retire them, quarantine them, or continue sending email to those addresses.

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The Benefits of Email Verification

If you think this process will only help you with reducing email bounces, you should think again. There is a wide range of benefits of email verification that includes:

1. Ensures the accuracy of the Data

According to experts from TheChecker, high-quality data is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign. The results of validating your email list will tell you about the quality of the data. If it is high, you will know that you are on the right track. However, if you see a large number of incorrect or undeliverable emails, you will know that you need to improve things.

2. It Reduces Email Bounces

You will get detailed results once the verification process is done. Armed with this data, you can choose if you want to remove some addresses that do not promise that the emails will be delivered. The importance of email verification lies in a clean list, hence, you will see no email bounces.

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3. It Saves Money

Storing and sending out email cost money. Email list cleaning will tell you which email are not safe to send. With that, you will know which ones to cut out from the list. Yes, your email list will be shorter, but that means that you will be able to save money.

4. Shows Accurate Campaign Insights

Once you clean your email list, you will be left with addresses that are deliverable and real. All the action that is taken by the recipient will be reliable and accurate for you to study.


As you can see, verifying your email list will help you save money, time, as well as improve the traffic on your website and engagement. Hence, if you still did not verify your email list, do not waste any more time and start searching for a tool that will help you boost your marketing efforts.