Do you like to buy a pitcher? Still, can’t find the right one that suits your needs? Don’t get worried. Are you looking for a pitcher that features with space-saving design? Want to buy a pitcher with the latest technology? In this part, I’m going to introduce an excellent pitcher that will satisfy the requirements of water filter.

Are you ready to know that excellent pitcher? Let’s go!!

Table of contents:

  1. Features of PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher
    • Built-in LED light
    • MAXION filter technology
    • Grip handle
    • Easy-fill lid
    • Space-saving design
    • BPA free
    • Pour spout cover
  2. Overview
    • Pros
    • Cons
  3. Final words

Features of PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher:


The PUR is one of the providers of Pitchers and it is introduced a lot of pitchers with ultimate features. Recently, they introduced a PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher with MAXION filter technology.

If you’re going to buy this water filter through online, then it is best to know the features of “PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher with LED Indicator, Clear” so that you can ensure this PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher is the right option for you. So, below, I’m going to give you features of PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher.

After reading the features of PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher, you will surely like this product.

Built-in LED light:

The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher is designed with built-in electronic filter life indicator which helps you to keep track of the filters lifetime. And, it flashes green, yellow and red light to indicate the status of your filter.

When it shows red light then it indicates that you need to change the filter of pitcher.

MAXION filter technology:

The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher utilizes a unique MAXION filter technology to reduce maximum contaminant. And, it uses blending carbon and ion exchange materials to achieve the maximum result and purified water.

Grip handle:

The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher is designed with grip handle for easy usage.

Easy-fill lid:

In order to provide simplicity to refill water in the pitcher, it is made with thumb activation in the easy-fill lid which helps to refill water easily.

Space-saving design:

This PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher is designed with slim enough to fit easily in the most refrigerator door. This space-saving design helps to fit pitcher easily in any kind of refrigerator.

BPA free:

This pitcher removes chlorine taste and odor and as well as 95% of mercury. And, finally gives clean and great-tasting water.

Pour spout cover:

Pour spout cover in the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher prevents odors and particulates to get clean water.




  • It provides up to 40 gallons of crystal clean water
  • It offers BPA-free water
  • It has space-saving design
  • It has built-in LED light to indicate lifetime of pitcher
  • Simple thumb activation helps to refill pitcher easily


  • May feel size of pitcher is too small in sometimes

Final words:


You have small family! Looking for a pitcher that suits your needs and size of your family? Then, strongly recommend you to buy this PUR 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher, because this provides clean and fine-tasting water for all members of your family for a day, but you can refill this pitcher easily and get clean water very quickly.


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