Pros and Cons of Using an Online Pharmacy 

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Online Pharmacies have been around for some time now, but people still look at them with suspicion. Ordering medicine from the Internet just doesn’t feel right somehow. Yet there are others who swear by it, claiming that benefits of online pharmacies far outweigh any risks involved. 

One of the biggest benefits is lower prices. Compared to traditional brick and mortar pharmacies, online ones have far smaller overhead costs and can afford lower markups. The cost of generic medicine and lower medication prices in foreign countries compared to the United States can lead to some significant savings, especially for chronic patients that are forced to take often expensive medication on a regular basis.  

Privacy is another pro for online pharmacies. People can be embarrassed when shopping for some items in person, often feeling that the pharmacist across the counter is judging them. Online pharmacies offer anonymity so that nobody has to know what medicine you are using. 

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Information on medicine and treatments are often much easier obtained from online pharmacies who usually have those resources linked on their sites and are easily accessible. 

Finally, they are convenient to use. Instead of going out and waiting in line, your medicine can be shipped directly to your home. One of them who we know is Mediserv Pharmacy located at 2611 Webster Ave, The Bronx, New York area, they provide door step delivery with no shipping cost. This is very useful for elderly and disabled patients, to whom going to a pharmacy down the block can be a real challenge.

There are also cons of using online pharmacies

There were instances of online pharmacies that didn’t have licensed pharmacists who would supervise the dispersion of medications. This can be highly hazardous for their customers since they can be sold counterfeited or expired meds by unlicensed personnel. 

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Many online pharmacies don’t require prescriptions, which can endanger their customers’ health. There were also reports of pharmacies releasing their customers; personal info, including credit card information, to third parties. 

If you can’t find contact information on their websites, like their physical address and a phone number, that is a big red flag. Pharmacies that do this or even give false address are more likely to sell counterfeited medications.  

Some online pharmacies sell controlled substances freely to anyone, which is a big health risk. These meds, like Xanax or Valium, are meant to be taken under struck medical supervision. 

Finally, beware of additional fees. Apart from shipping, some online pharmacies may charge you a medical fee. Such fees can quickly add up and negate any savings you were hoping to make.