How to Best Prepare for a Long Car Journey

Nowadays, with tourism on the rise we are travelling more than ever. Indeed, we travel for various reasons including for holidays with statistics showing that three-quarters (72%) of business trips were made by car or van in 2019. Whether you are visiting a distance far away, or going on a road trip, there are many things you need to keep in mind before preparing for a long car journey. But there are many key aspects to this preparation in order to make it a safe and memorable drive.

One key part of this preparation process is carrying out maintenance checks you should do to your car before setting off. Not only will carrying out proper car maintenance help you get ready for your trip but it will also mean that you will be safer during it. Being safe during a car trip is especially crucial during long trips as there is a higher likelihood that something can go wrong. Carrying out a basic check of your car including checking to see whether your tires are safe to drive on or whether you need a new set from a high quality manufacturer like Mickey Thompson is key to proper car maintenance. Checking your brakes and making sure they are working is also imperative prior to setting off on your journey.

Remember to also make a checklist of items that you should take with you as car journey essentials. If you are travelling in the winter, make sure to bring an extra layer of clothing for the journey. Sometimes, car seats can also be rather uncomfortable so make sure to bring pillows and blankets so that you can comfortably sleep if you are given the chance.


When you are embarking on a long car journey there is also a high likelihood that you may find yourself bored. This is why it is advisable to bring plenty of entertainment for example reading material so that you can keep your mind occupied as you travel. Many people choose to break up the car journey by tuning out of their surroundings and listening to music on their phone. If others are in the car with you, you can also bring games that are suitable to play in the car which will also help you bond while you travel.

When you’re in the car all day, you will also get hungry at regular intervals during the day. Although there may be plenty of shops that you can stop at, you may be on a time limit and the items may be expensive. Therefore packing your own snacks and food is a good idea. It satisfies hunger between meals and fights boredom when all you can do is sit there. Try to pack foods that are healthy and nutritious as they should give you more energy than junk food will.

One tip that is particularly relevant to the person that will be driving on this journey is to get plenty of sleep and rest before driving. If you are the driver, it is advisable that you get at least seven hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before the road trip to build up your energy reserves. This step will both ensure that you have more energy to enjoy your road trip but will also minimize the chances of you getting exhausted and as a result falling asleep at the wheel. Even if you have gotten plenty of sleep, it is still important for you to take breaks so that you can react well to any scenarios that crop up on the road.


In conclusion, if you are considering going on a long car journey for whatever reason, make sure to prepare for it. Preparing for a long car journey by carrying out maintenance checks on your car, packing essential items and getting enough rest. If you take on board all these tips you should be well on your way to making a memorable and safe road trip.