Plus Size Fashion Trends in 2020

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It seems like the whole fashion industry is oriented towards small sizes and models that are glorifying a very skinny body. As becoming more conscious about body shapes and sizes, for the past few years, there are more brands that are producing clothes that are fashionable in all sizes. This is very important in order to change the paradigm of the industry and teach young girls how to embrace their bodies the way it is. Plus size clothes should be designed in such a manner to fit well and be fashionable. Down below we will present new fashion trends for this year.

1. Simple base colors

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When it comes to color trends, this year will be mostly colored in monochromatic and bold colors. It is always good to have an outfit that has monochromatic of very simple colors such as black, white, grey and bridge and pair it up with some interesting pattern or bold color accessories. It is always good to have simple pieces of clothes that can be easily incorporated with one another. Also, it is smart to invest in a pair of well fitted classic black trousers and a pencil skirt. They can be well mixed with other pieces in the wardrobe. Jeans that are not skinny will complement the figure better, mom fit jeans are a good choice. A-line, high waist skirts are also a good choice.

2. Jackets

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From simple jackets to blazers this is an inevitable part of any women closet. Investing in a good statement jacket will come a long way. Not only that it will keep you warm, but it will also complete and spice up the outfit. A quality leather jacket is always a good choice and especially if it is in a statement color that complements your skin and hair color, as well as the rest of the wardrobe. The black blazer is a classical piece and can be combined with almost anything. Blazers in other colors such as orange or mint green can spice up the outfit. Do not be afraid of prints, since a good animal printed jacket can brighten up the outfit and give it a new twist. For more ideas on jackets click here Online-Stylist

3. Dresses

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Dresses are the best part of any woman’s closet and should not be avoided. Any season is good for them. During winter months, big knitted dresses can be worn all winter long paired with a good pair of boots. During spring and summer flowy, floral dresses are in order, and they can be knee or calf-length, a Maxi dress can elongate the figure so it is good to have it in mind when buying clothes. When picking a dress it is good to pick the model that will complement the body shape. A line is always a good choice, as well as a maxi dress that falls in a similar manner. Shirt dresses with a belt can extenuate the waist and can be a very good choice.

4. Denim

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Denim is back in, and not only that jeans can be worn on any occasion, but denim shirts, dresses and, jackets are extremely popular. Well fitted and high in quality jeans can be paired with a shirt, high heels and blazer for an office day. Change the shirt and put a t-shirt on and you are ready for a casual meeting. Replace blazer for a denim jacket in the same color shade as jeans and put some sneakers on, and you are ready for some hang out session with friends. Denim shirts can be combined with classical trousers in beige or black, or with a pencil skirt and blazer for work. Someone once said that well-paired jeans can be worn at the wedding, so think about that when picking up a new pair. Denim dresses are very fashionable and present to wear and an A-line or a shirt dress will work wonders for the overall impression.

5. Neon colors

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Neon colors are very popular this season and a good way to incorporate them into the outfits is through accessories. Bags, handbags and, rucksacks are great ways to spice up the outfit. In addition, head accessorizes like clips and scrunches are must this season. Also, a plain white T-shirt with neon print can be paired with a denim jacket and jeans for a casual look. Neon can be also worn on nails and be a part of the swimsuit.

6. Comfort

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For this year it is very important to be comfortable, which can be observed through the cuts and fabrics used. All-natural fabrics like cotton and linen are in order and it will make you feel fresh and flowy all day long. In addition, sneakers can be paired with almost anything and worn all day long. They can also be worn to work if you pick the right model. Very popular are the bulky ones and they are paired with everything, from tracksuits to dresses. Other models that are not so sporty can be paired with trousers or jeans and blazers, making some kind of a business casual look. Depending on the company policy, it may pass as an outfit to be worn to work.


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With so many trends and changes, it is hard to keep up. It is always good to start from classic pieces, such as black business trousers and high waist pencil skirt. To this classical combo, every wardrobe must contain a plain white T-shirt and shirt. These can later be combined with statement jackets or classic black blazers for a more formal look. Dresses are always a good idea and don’t be afraid to wear them on any occasion and in any season. Flowy dresses are well paired with leather or denim jackets. Think about investing in good jeans, since they are so in that they can be paired with anything and worn at any occasion. Do not forget to accessorize and if so, neon is the right color for you. Be courageous and creative with choosing your wardrobe so it can be comfy and reflect your individual style.


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