How to Pick the Right Trailer for Your Needs?


If you’re in the market for a trailer, there are many things to take into consideration, like which trailer style fits your needs. Purchasing a trailer is a big investment and buying one that meets your specific needs is important. We’re going to uncover the different types of trailers and the purposes they serve.

Utility Trailers


Utility and landscape trailers are one of the most popular types of trailers due to their flexibility. These trailers can be used to haul equipment, carry small vehicles, haul supplies, move furniture, and haul trash/debris.

Hauling Equipment

Utility trailers are most commonly used for hauling equipment. These trailers are usually referred to as utility/equipment trailers. They are able to conveniently move around landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, lawn power tools, and other power equipment. If you have specific custom needs for your utility trailer, there are some companies that offer custom made utility trailers.

Moving Furniture

If you are in the process of moving and need to move furniture from point a to point b, you don’t necessarily need a moving truck. In fact, a utility trailer can be a more affordable option. Utility trailers are more than capable of moving furniture, appliances, and more.

Trash and Debris Clean Up

A utility trailer allows you to be able to transport trash and debris in mass quantities. Many landscaping companies use utility trailers as a way to move leaves, branches, and compost. These trailers make the clean up job easy for landscapers.

Gooseneck Trailers


Gooseneck trailers received their name from its hitch which features a long, arched neck section at the front of the trailer. The coupler of a gooseneck trailer is designed to be able to clear a pickup’s tailgate and connects to a ball to create a frame-mounted hitch positioned over the rear axle.

Gooseneck trailers are able to carry a lot of weight due to them being longer, heavier, and wider than most bumper-pull units. These trailers are most commonly used for commercial purposes, such as vehicle towing, agricultural purposes, and transporting horses/livestock. They’re the most popular trailer within the diesel drag racing scene due to their ability to support up to two full-sized pickup trucks.

Flatbed Trailers


Flatbed trailers are used when transporting various types of heavy duty freight or equipment. They’re known to be heavy hauler transportation equipment and they handle wide loads, oversized equipment, machinery, and bulk cargo. These trailers are made of heavy-duty steel, and they feature multiple axles to allow for safe transport of heavy-duty equipment.

The flat nature and open sided design of these trailers is what allows them to be able to transport heavy loads. The standard flatbed is a box trailer with no sides, doors, or roof. The bare platforms are available in a variety of sizes between twenty to fifty-five feet in length.

Dump Trailers


Dump trailers are most commonly used for dumping and hauling scraps, waste, and debris away from construction sites. They are extremely versatile because they can also be used for hauling equipment and tools needed for specific job sites. They’re also extremely efficient since they can cut down on time and labor on collecting, hauling, and dumping materials.

Dump trailers use a hydraulic system to lift the trailer bed, which makes it convenient for unloading. With a dump trailer you don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting or jumping onto the trailer to unload.