Phones for Elderly – Top 10 

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Mobile phones have become so widespread that it is impossible to imagine our lives without them. Some of them are extremely popular but their main function remains the same – getting in touch with people when needed. Senior citizens have also been starting to use phones, but they need ones that are not too hard to be mastered so that older people can used them without problems. These are our top ten. 

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10. Jitterbug Flip 

This one can be bought on Amazon for 100 USD. The simplicity of this phone in terms of offering basic calling and texting function is the thing that attracts most of senior citizens. Furthermore, the text size and font are large enough and combined with good brightness of the display.  


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9. Motorola G6 Play 

This one can be bought on Amazon for 180 USD and it is considered as a more modern one since it has a camera and social network access. The manufacturers have made a big and bright display and the battery lasts for a couple of days. This is for the ones that would like to stay in touch with modern technologies.  

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8. Nokia 3.1 Android One 

This one can be bought on Amazon for 159 USD. The phone has all that others Android phones have. The good thing is that it has a good camera, excellent even for video chatting. It is made from aluminum, which increases its safety.  

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7. Nokia 3310 

It can be bought on Walmart and Jet and it is considered one of the classics in the industry and one of the best and most reliable phones on the market. Apart from 3G, the phone even has a camera. This is ideal for all those that are just in need of texting and making calls.  


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6. Jitterbug Smart 2 

This one can be bought on Amazon for 180 USD and it is not only about texting and calling.  The visibility is good due to good brightness and 5.5-inch screen. Also, the buttons are large and easily discernible.  


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5. ASUS ZenFone 

Priced at $180 at Amazon, this phone is best known for the battery, since it lasts very long since it is a 5000mAh one. The Gorilla glass will give the stability of the display. The camera is very solid and there is also 3GB of memory.  


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4. Doro PhoneEasy 626 

It can be bought on Best Buy. This is the one specifically made for the elderly. The phone even has Assistance button which is used when there is an emergency. Furthermore, the phone is designed to for the ones with impaired hearing. Apart from thee, there is a flashlight and a camera as well. Even though its design is not charming, this one is actually very useful.  

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3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active 

Well, this one comes from the category of extremely modern ones and its price is at about $800 on Amazon. It can be under water for 30min with perfect Gorilla glass used. The phone has it all, from military specifications and durability to the perfect camera. The name of the manufacturer tells us all and the phone is perfect in every sense.  


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2. Apple – iPhone 7 

This one can be found on Amazon for $300. As well as the previous one, the brand of the manufacturer speaks for itself and the phone has everything a modern smartphone should have, even more. From voice dialing to Medical ID. Elderly can be glad to hear that this phone can have text size and font adjusted per their needs.  


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 1. Samsung Galaxy S8 

This may be one of the most popular phones on the planet at the moment, and the price is $427 on Amazon. There is an option to have “Easy Mode”, a perfect option for elderly since the display layout is then adjusted as well as the text size.  There are various options and adjustments that would make this phone perfect for seniors.  


These are ten we have chosen. There are those that are very simple and perfect for the elderly who do not want modern gadgets and technologies. However, there are the most popular and modern ones for the people who want to have it all.  


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