How to Wear Perfume and Make It Last Longer – 2023 Guide


Who wouldn’t love to smell great all day and feel as fresh as a daisy? Applying your favorite perfume and making it last for the entire day can seem tricky, but not when you have mastered some basic tips and tricks. Keep on reading and find out how you can prolong its wear time.

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in 7 Steps

1. Apply it to your pulse points

You should apply it to your wrists and elbows, behind your ears, on your neck, and the back of your knees if it is the summertime and you’re wearing a dress. These pulse points are naturally thin and smooth, which means that the perfume will vibrate and bounce off every here and there.

2. Never rub your wrists together

You have probably seen it a couple of times by now and have noticed that people tend to rub their wrists together in order to smear the scent and distribute it on both sides. Well, by doing this, you will actually burn off its main notes faster. Only do this if you’re in a rush.

3. Apply it after taking a shower

Spritz on a perfume right after a shower. This will push the product deep into your skin and have it ”locked in” as the steam opens up your pores. Your skin is clean and free from sweat and excess oil, making it the perfect ground to apply a ton of your favorite perfume.

4. Try to layer it


Did you know that you can layer different kinds of perfumes and textures? If you have a scented body lotion try and layer your perfume on top of it. Try to go ”all out” by adding a body oil and perfume duo and finish it off with your fragrance.

5. Spritz your clothes

Spritz your clothes and let your skin rest for a while. Perfume naturally tends to hold longer on the fabric than it can on your skin. Your clothes will stay fresh and highly scented for days to come and up until you throw your clothes for a wash.

6. Perfume, not toilet water

Each bottle you buy will have one of the following labels: eau de toilette and eau de parfum. EDPs perfeumes have a higher concentration of fragrance oil and up to 25% of it, which makes them typically stronger and longer-lasting. Toilet waters only have 15% of fragrance oil, making them not as long-lasting.

7. Expiration date

If your perfume has expired the truth is that it will evaporate and leave your skin scent-free. Perfume expires when it interacts with air, heat, and sunlight, which is why you should double-check your packaging. Always store your fragrance in a cool cold room that doesn’t have a lot of sunlight and prolong its wear time.

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