7 Packing Tips For Moving In a Hurry – 2024 Guide

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Is there anything more exhausting and burdensome than having to move all of a sudden? The answer would be: yes, having to move all of a sudden and in a hurry – that’s the point where the real chaos begins. Even in regular conditions, when we have time to check several times if we have packed all our stuff, we realize that we have forgotten something once we leave the apartment forever.

How to avoid forgetting when we are in a hurry then? Many would think that it’s impossible, but in fact, with a well-planned packaging system, you’ll have enough time to take everything at once, without having to go back for forgotten things. Unfortunately, unexpected situations are common in life and we must learn to adapt to them. Whether your landlord has suddenly canceled your apartment or you need to move to another place urgently due to a change of job, some tips can make it easier for you to move quickly. Don’t let panic overwhelm you – apply some of the following tips.

1. Start making a plan now!

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You probably have a feeling that your head is about to explode after processing the information that you urgently need to find a new home and move out. But before you start pushing things into the boxes and panicking, take a deep breath, take a piece of paper and a pen and start planning in advance as much as you can.

Make sure you have enough boxes and bags to pack. Now is the moment to get rid of all the things you have been planning to give away or throw away for so long. Throw away any leftover food and think about whether you have all the accessories you need for packaging, including a protective cover, adhesive tape, and scissors. A plan made this way will be your best guide – and a sense of relief when you tick these tasks off from your to-do list will help you relax.

2. Ask friends and family for help

There’s no doubt that you’ll deal with the whole situation much worse if you’re alone in it. You’ll need a lot more energy and you’ll probably need a couple of days of lying in bed all day long after the whole process is over. So – don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Ask your friends and family to reserve some free hours for giving you a helping hand.

First, think carefully about the stage at which you’ll need help the most. Once everyone arrives, greet them with ready-made tasks so you don’t waste even a minute. Ask one person to pack fragile items, another can start cleaning, and the third person can start carrying all bags and boxes to the vehicle. When you have a well-organized team around you, you’ll finish everything faster than you thought. And, well, after all, you’ll be there for them too one day.

3. Take photos of what’s important to remember

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Since you won’t have time to sort things the way you normally do in regular situations, it may be difficult for you to remember where everything is when unpacking. Also, some shelves and other pieces of furniture will be disassembled into parts for easier transport. Considering that you installed them with the help of instructions, you won’t be able to do it again easily without the manual.

In such cases, we recommend the use of camera assistance. Simply photograph the order in which you sorted the clothes or shoes and the boxes in which they’re located. Also, photograph electronic cables that’ll require reconnection later.

4. Give priority to that fragile stuff

Cups, glass figurines, plates, and other fragile items require special boxes and a packaging system that prevents damage. For this reason, you need to give them a priority so that they don’t stand in your way. Ask one person, who isn’t strong enough to carry bags and boxes, to take care of them only.

Prepare all the soft material you have in your home and use it as a wrapper. Wrap a single item at a time in towels, sheets, blankets, and even clothes if the object isn’t too light to prevent it from getting dirty. Then put them into a more durable bag and voila –  they’re ready for transport.

5. Leave some items inside the furniture

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To save time, you don’t have to take out the things that are already in drawers, closets, and internal shelves from there. Simply pull out the drawers and wrap them so that clothes or other small things can’t fall out. Why would you sort socks or underwear again after moving, when you can transfer them just like this, all at once?

At the end of the day, when you can finally go to bed, you won’t want to look for clean laundry and towels to take a shower. This method will help you keep everything close to you and know exactly where everything is.

This advice can be applied if you have your own furniture that you need to bring. If, however, it’s your office inventory that you’re moving to a new location, then this trick isn’t recommended as you may lose some important documents.

6. Use garbage bags

When you start making a relocation plan, you may find that you don’t have enough bags and boxes. You’ll agree that now isn’t the right moment to look for them in stores. Don’t worry! You probably didn’t even know you had a solution to that problem in a kitchen drawer. That’s right – garbage bags can be a real lifesaver for you in moments like this.

You can use them to pack all the soft stuff. Fill them with towels, clothes, bedding, blankets. Anything that isn’t heavy, fragile and that can fit in them. Don’t experiment with heavy and sharp objects as you can only poke the holes in bags that way and make a complete mess. Cover all clothes on hangers with these plastic bags and simply put them in the vehicle.

7. Call a professional removal service

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If your friends aren’t currently in town or your family doesn’t have enough free time to help you, or you simply don’t want to disturb anyone, you can call a professional relocation service in Bristol.

You may not have enough time, but if you have some cash, you can avoid the stress. All you have to do is dial the phone number and forget about everything we talked about earlier.

These professional services have plenty of experience in ventures like these and will organize everything much faster and easier than you. The most significant thing is the reliability of the company, and Matco Moving believes that it’s reflected in the quality and thorough work, safe transport, and compliance with the deadline, which is why they keep practicing all these quite prosperously.