What to Pack For a Vacation in Aruba: The Perfect Guide

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When you are planning a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is what must be packed, as it is essential to have the right things to enjoy the vacation the most. Holidays in Aruba are filled with adventure, breath-taking beauty, and marvellous sightseeing attractions.

Aruba is a tropical dream paradise destination which is located in the southern Caribbean. This island is blessed with both rugged landscapes and smooth beach stretches. The beaches of Aruba come in the list of the topmost beautiful beaches in the world, which makes this destination even more special for all beach lovers.

Aruba has everything to offer to its tourists ranging from luxurious accommodations, resorts, adventure activities, beaches, etc. It is very important that you pack right for your trip, or else you might feel out of place during your memorable vacation to the Caribbean.

Aruba holidays are very precious as this island has a lot to offer to the tourists, and they must be lived to the fullest. If you are looking for a holiday not only scintillates your soul but also provides you with scenic beauty and relaxing time, then Aruba is the perfect pick for you.

There is nothing better than Aruba in terms of an island vacation as it is an exotic Caribbean Island with unique experiences, great weather, excellent white sand beaches, and amazing hospitality. Now you don’t need to wonder what you require to bring to Aruba as we have the organized list that will guide you in the best manner. You can mindlessly follow our list, or you can also change it as per your requirements.

As a beach vacation is very different from the other types of vacation, we must keep in mind the destination that we are traveling to when we are doing the packing. Make sure that you don’t forget the essentials at home because then it can be quite difficult for you during your vacation. Before traveling to Aruba, we have got the perfect list of things you must pack for your vacation.

1. Key Essentials for Aruba

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It is essential to pack the key essentials for your trip to Aruba, or else it might become a problem to stay without these items. Make sure to carry your passport, driving license, camera, chargers, power bank, flight tickets, accommodation details, cash, and debit/credit cards. Remember to keep these things handy as they will be really helpful throughout your trip.

2. It is All About the Money

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It is essential to carry cash as well as your debit/credit card. In Aruba, dollars are accepted in the majority of the places. It is advisable to carry a small amount of cash and make sure to carry your debit and credit cards for the majority of the payments. You can safely keep your cash at the Aruba apartments for rent or the accommodation that you have booked. At most of the places, ATMs are available, so cash will not be an issue.

3. Important Medicines

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Medicines are extremely important to carry, and you must pack them. Along with the important medications, you must also carry mosquito repellent, aloe vera, UV protection chap stick, and sunscreen. It is very important not to miss out on taking the medicines. In case of emergency, they will be very helpful as one must always be prepared.

4. Right Clothing Goes a Long Way

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The right clothing made for an island vacation is important to carry, or else the whole trip can be a flop. While you on the plane, make sure to wear fully covered layering clothes. For the daytime in Aruba, you must pack beachwear, casual wear, and breezy summer outfits. Breathable clothing and bath suits are vital to carry as they will keep you comfortable in the scorching heat. One tip for the ladies is to pack cover-ups for when you are on the beach.

5. Accurate Footwear and Accessories

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The essential accessories that you must carry are sunglasses, sun hat, big handbags, stoles, bandanas, and a waterproof umbrella. Regarding footwear, it is important to carry sandals, flip-flops, and sneakers.

6. Go to Beach Bag

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It is important to carry a go-to beach bag that has all the beach essentials, and it will be ready to go when you are heading out for a beach day. In the beach bag, you must pack sunscreen, chap stick, water bottle, portable cooler, waterproof phone case, beach mat, extra pair of clothing, beach towel, and sunglasses.

7. Miscellaneous Items

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The miscellaneous items which are optional to pack for your trip to Aruba are hand wipes, travel makeup kit or shaving kit, soaps, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, sleep mask, etc. Other than this, you can pack the things that are essential for you.

8. Survival Kit

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Carry a survival kit which will be helpful in case of emergency. In which you must carry a first aid kit, band-aids, hand sanitizer, and important medicines.

9. Beat the Sun Items

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When you are traveling to Aruba, where you will be getting plenty of suns, it is important to carry all the items that will save you from the harsh rays of the sun. It is essential to carry sunscreen, aloe vera gel, a hat, an umbrella, and chap stick. Sunscreen is an essential item for a vacation in Aruba as you must protect yourself from getting a sunburn.

10. Don’t Fill Your Bags Too Much

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There are some items that you must not take on your trip to Aruba, like unnecessary cash, costly jewellery, and a hairdryer. Most of the items will be provided to you at your apartments for rent in Aruba or the hotel or resort that you have booked. So, did you enjoy knowing about the key essentials you must pack for your trip to Aruba?

It is now the time to quickly pack be ready for a Caribbean adventure. Get your bags ready soon so that you can just be prepared beforehand. Your days in Aruba should not be less than a paradise vacation that will be memorable for life and for that you must get the amazing apartments for rent for your stay.

Check out the various apartment rentals listed at www.VacationAruba.com. Now as your accommodation is sorted then after it we highly recommend following our packing guide, which covers all the key pointers. You will enjoy your trip more when you pack according to our guide. Therefore, make sure to take notes and pack well for your dream Caribbean vacation.