Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Bitcoin Mining?

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The advent of Bitcoin’s popularity and value has always made it a hot topic for investors to discuss. What started as a “fake currency” that could be bought in mere cents is now a full-fledged digital currency worth about $60k each. Whoever kept faith in bitcoin since its start and invested early in it is now reaping the fruits of their wit and luck.

There are countless success stories out there of people who became billionaires from investing in bitcoin who are now called “bitcoin billionaires”. These stories have inspired legions of investors from all over the globe to invest in the cryptocurrency in hopes that they too will eventually hit a gold mine of success. If you too want to try your luck and invest in one of these sites, then you can do so by checking out the-bitcoin-traders-app.com/de/login.

Primary amongst these investors are millennials, or Gen-Y as they are less popularly known. Millennials have taken the charge to lead everyone to invest in cryptocurrency, and specifically Bitcoin. There are countless millennials who go on bitcoin exchanges every day and invest whatever amount they can spare in bitcoin.

This favoritism of millennials borders on obsession and has confused other generations about why millennials are so obsessed with bitcoin and bitcoin mining. There are several reasons for this and in this article, we will discuss the various reasons why millennials love bitcoin mining so much. Read the article till the end so that you don’t end up missing out on crucial details.

They have a different economic perspective than Gen-X or Z

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One of the most primal reasons why millennials love investing in bitcoin is that they simply have a different economic perspective than their counterpart generations. The boomer generation is too old to keep up to date with the cryptocurrency market and even most of those that have shown an interest, have ended up becoming wary of it. One of the most prime examples of this is Warren Buffet, one of the world’s most significant investors who still thinks that Bitcoin has no future.

Then there is Gen-X who is also significantly old but not as much as the boomer generation. This generation doesn’t show disinterest towards cryptocurrency, but seems to hate it instead and is extremely wary of investing in it. They don’t believe cryptocurrency can achieve any good and thus, there are only a few Gen-X investors that have invested in cryptocurrency.

The generation after the millennials is Gen-Z where most of the individuals are just too young. They don’t have proper financial market experience and many are unsure if investing in Bitcoin is the right decision or not. This leaves us with the millennial generation where most have seen cryptocurrency rise and believe in it deeply.

They have seen various ventures rise and fall, and many have been there with bitcoin from the start. Seeing the cryptocurrency rise higher than before in value, it is no wonder many millennials seek to invest in it and possibly mine it for themselves if possible.

They have perfect technical advancements for Bitcoin

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The older generations aren’t used to the advanced technological advancements happening right now. They can barely keep up with the technology. Gen-Z, on the other hand, is too updated with technology to the point that they have completely different interests whatsoever.

They are interested in cryptocurrencies, but not necessarily in Bitcoin specifically. Millennials are updated with the perfect technology for bitcoin and its mining process. They are well aware of how the bitcoin market works, how a bitcoin is mined, what value miners get from mining, and what kind of investment is required to have a mining setup.

This knowledge helps them make profits in the Bitcoin world no matter what they do. Many millennials turn to mining because they are equipped with the technical know-how for setting a mining rig and earning Bitcoin from it.

Millennials rely on Bitcoin as a second source of income

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The matter of fact is that the millennial generation, even though it has the most people, is actually the worst earning generation with their total net worth valued at 1/10th the total net worth of the boomer generation. That means millennials can’t rely on their job or normal non-risky investments for a stable earning.

Millennials need investments that can provide them with amazing returns even if they don’t invest in a large amount of money. Bitcoin is the perfect nominee for this as it is quite risky but if invested correctly can offer amazing return value to its investors. Millennials are more than willing to take the risk since most of them don’t have much to lose anyway.

They use bitcoin as a safety investment for their future in case they ever urgently need money. This is because they know that even if the bitcoin market is volatile in the short run, it only increases in value in the long run. That’s why many millennials are even willing to invest in mining rigs to get some bitcoin insurance for their retirement.

They are extremely familiar with Bitcoin

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If there is one generation that has closely watched bitcoin from its very start back in 2009, it is the millennial generation. Yes, Gen-X and the boomer generation were around back then but they didn’t bother to show interest in Bitcoin until it grew in value. Many millennials, on the other hand, have always trusted bitcoin to be the currency of the future and invested in it.

By now, many millennials are well familiar with the nature of the Bitcoin market. Millennials know the perfect time to mine, time to sell, and time to buy. This minimizes bad investments and offers amazing return value to them. To put it in perspective, millennials have the same level of familiarity and interest as someone from Gen-X has with the stock market. This exact familiarity is the reason why many millennials choose to mine and invest in bitcoin freely.


There are many reasons why millennials are so obsessed with bitcoin mining. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.