Men or Women: Who Masturbates More – 2024 Guide


What’s better than self-care?  Once you start doing things that make you feel good about yourself, you don’t feel the need for dependency.  Self-love also comes in the four walls and includes you and the intense pleasure of orgasm. Masturbation, the word revolves around exploring the body, especially genitals and making pleasure with sexual stimulation. Even though there are several ifs and buts related to masturbation, the point is, it is normal for everyone, no matter if you are a male or a female.

While many people prefer using their hands in the first place, there is always an option of adding more pleasure by practicing masturbation using sex toys. Whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter, naughtystash has plenty of options for you to explore. Whether it is the G-spot dildo or penis pumps, you are not going to run out of ways to try and complete your sexual fantasy by yourself. Being straightforward, everyone wants sexual pleasure after hitting a particular age, and what’s better than using a sex toy for that?


Men also have various options available to them. For example, silicon sex dolls are available in the market for men to feel having sex with a hot woman. The toys have boobs, vaginal opening, anal opening, and a sexy ass. The dolls cannot give the real feeling of making-love; however, they are perfect for masturbation.

Let’s get back to the point! Masturbation is healthy as it reduces stress. You get to love yourself, know more about your body, and which parts take you to the pleasure. The list of benefits goes on; you can get relief from the deadly menstrual cramps.

Well, the question remains the same, who does it more, men or women?

Studies do it better; a recent study published in Volonte, 25 percent of men, stated that they masturbate almost daily. On the other hand, the percentage falls to 8.7 when it comes to women.

Even when the talk is about performing masturbation less frequently, men rule it by masturbating more than women. Now let’s dive deep in finding the reason behind this!

Though there are many grounds to base the reasons behind this gap in masturbation, the exact fact behind it is still blurred. One of the reasons could be women feeling less comfortable in stating the way they think.


Think of it, in the days of teenage boys bragged about their sex life, masturbation, and the boys talk never went out of interest. However, when the situation came to girls, the ones who openly spoke about masturbation were framed in the judgmental eyes. It thus inbuilt in most of them to keep these topics to themselves.

Well, this does not change the fact that women have their sexual desires too. The silence still exists irrespective of so many initiatives taken related to breaking the myths about women masturbating.

There is no denying that the fingers on lip do not benefit them, while fingers in their genitals do.

Following the silence and myths inbuilt in them quite earlier, there are more reasons to accept that women masturbate less. Also, if the so-called roles and responsibilities of women in a family are counted, it is no shock for them not to take time for themselves.

A female would make love to herself daily if she gets the time, energy, and space that she needs from the family or the world that suffocates her.


Well, this gap among men and women during masturbation verifies how low women see the sexual pleasure in their priority list. Men, on the other hand, have never felt hesitant when it comes to talking about masturbation. Well, the question of why is pretty clear, but let’s not talk about sex education at the moment. Perks connected with female masturbation overflow the list, and as discussed earlier, getting rid of menstrual cramps and stress top the list. Men have some disadvantages as well. Doctors suggest that men shouldn’t practice masturbation more frequently. It is because when it happens more than the required percentage, the penis can have issues with erection. When one starts to imagine different women in their thoughts, it becomes difficult for them to get satisfaction from their real-life partners.

The main reason for men to top the ranking is arousal power. Doctors believe that by merely touching the genitals, men can get an erection. Sometimes, men do not have control over their feelings. For instance, if they divert their mind to something fascinating during work hours, they will get an instant erection. To satisfy the senses, they will have to rush to the washroom and masturbate. Men tend to get aroused by almost every woman. Men have a sexual and desirable frequency. They tend to use masturbation in a contemporary manner. On the other hand, women have less sex, and their desire to make-love is also less.


Men can masturbate for straight three to four times without a gap. Some doctors tried to focus on the psychological facts related to men. They concluded that some men masturbate because they can. There was no sexual desire behind the whole process. Another reason for women to masturbate less is the stigma that surrounds female sexuality. This stigma shows us that women have less sex drive than men. Men have stronger desires, and therefore, they tend to masturbate more as compared to women.

Penning down the thoughts on masturbation is not tough when everything is arranged in place. Yes, undoubtedly, men masturbate more than women, but this is not the end of the discussion. What if women and men have an equal view on sexual preferences? Masturbation is undoubtedly optional but beneficial. Also, the variety of sex toys opens up many benefits which both men and women can access easily. And to help men intensify orgasms, following these tips and tricks about the holy grail of cum can help. In a world full of fantasies, you have open options available to indulge in sex chats and live sex chats to have the perfect masturbation session in the comfort zone.