How to Make Your Instagram Page Thrive : 3 Effective Ways to Find New Followers In 2023


What will make your Instagram account flourish? Of course, stylish design, regular interesting publications and a large number of fans. This is very clear, bloggers who own this have already reached incredible heights: they’ve a huge fan base and the ability to monetize accounts.

Well, you know that these parameters should be on the page in order to strengthen your position on the platform and improve your social credibility. You probably have already coped with the design of the page and try not to forget about regular posts. But what to do next, how to attract the target audience and prove that you’re worthy of their attention?

In this case, you need a reliable promotion strategy – you can’t do without it. This consists of proven and working methods of promotion, they should be in the strategy if you’re aiming for a real result. Today we’ll tell you about the 3 best ways to attract new subscribers that will help you speed up the promotion process and make your blog more popular than before. Keep reading!

Invest in your account


Contrary to many doubts, the use of paid PR services is absolutely normal, safe and useful. When it comes to promotion, most beginners don’t know where to start and what to trust. This is quite logical – there are many experts on social networks who talk about organic growth and achieving virality using hashtags/massliking/massfollowing. Is it true? You see, the competition has become noticeably more over the past few years, literally every day new bloggers appear here. Yes, before you’d really become popular by relying entirely on free promotion methods, but now it’s ineffective, long and difficult.

Anyway, the easiest and fastest way to expand your fanbase and become more competitive is to buy followers on Instagram. There are many advantages: at a minimum, your page will look more attractive in the eyes of people, statistics will improve and publications will be trending more often. This is enough at the initial stage – further work for the algorithms, they will recommend you to other people and make the blog more visible. Use it!

Mutual PR


People need to know about you, and one of the best ways to do that is to create collaborative content with other bloggers, talk about each other, and launch joint projects. There are many formats available to implement the plan: Reels, IGTV, Stories and Live. All this is absolutely free, and doesn’t require special knowledge and skills.

Where can you find a blogger? It’s simple – monitor niche blogs and choose an author who isn’t a direct competitor and has good statistics. Feel free to offer cooperation first, write to the DM and tell them about ideas for joint content. This is how you can become more famous in the thematic community and get the right subs.



The audience will start visiting your account if they see the publications – this is a fact. In order to improve the visibility of posts, we recommend publishing them everywhere. Go beyond Instagram and start broadcasting your creativity everywhere. Upload Reels to TikTok and YouTube Shorts, and send text posts to Twitter or Facebook. Use all resources you’ve to promote your publications. Write a link to the account everywhere, then users will be able to click on it and visit the page and follow. Good luck!