Make a perfect floral design for every occasion 

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Flowers are a perfect gift or decoration no matter what the occasion is. They are often bought for birthdays, weddings, or as get-well gifts. Numerous different kinds of flowers allow us to make perfect combinations and make any moment a bit prettier, more cheerful, and more colorful. By choosing the right floral designs, we can make someone feel better, make a beautiful moment more memorable, or simply show that we care. The power of flowers should not be underestimated! For that reason, we put together a list of tips for making perfect floral designs for different occasions.

Wedding floral designs

The truth here is that there are no rules. Your florist will give you some ideas and advice, but the choice is entirely up to you. You can simply state which colors you prefer, is there a particular flower you don’t like, and what you had imagined. You can go with gentle and soft white and purple combination, or choose bold and strong colors such as red.

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What your florist can also do for you is recommend the best choice of flowers based on the season. Springtime’s most loved blooms are peonies, lilies of the valley, and cherry blossoms, while autumn calls for reds and oranges such as oak leaves, heirloom pumpkins, figs, and similar. explains that there is more to think about when making floral designs besides color. You need to pay attention to balance, dominance, rhythm, harmony, contrast, and unity as well.

With the help of the florist, you can define what you wish for the mood of the event to be. Do you desire a more classic, traditional wedding, or a more modern one? That will also affect the choice of flowers.

Birthday floral designs

Getting flowers for your birthday is always nice as they bring life and colors to the room making you feel happier and livelier. If the person you’re buying flowers for has a favorite flower, your shopping is going to be quite easy. If not, you have to be creative. Red roses are always a good choice if you’re going for a romantic present, while for a more friendly version yellow or white flowers will do perfectly. Some combinations of orchids, roses, daisies, alstroemeria, and mini gerbera daisies can be a beautiful, soft, charming, and gentle way to say Happy Birthday. Light pink, white, yellow, and orange are colors you want to mix for a cheerful birthday floral design.

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Get well floral designs

Sending flowers is a nice and effective way of showing someone you’re thinking about them. Also, they can make someone’s day a bit brighter. However, before buying flowers make sure that the hospital you want to send the flowers to, will accept them. Roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are a good choice for this type of floral designs as their pollen is not exposed meaning they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. For this reason, some houseplants are also a really thoughtful choice. I would recommend mixing a lot of colors, but without overdoing it. Colors are truly welcome in the dull, all-white hospital room. Consider combining Peruvian lilies and roses of various colors.