Who is Responsible for Maintaining Trees Around Power Lines?

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It is known that trees are welcome in any environment. In large cities, planting and maintaining trees is vital. They are necessary for air filtration, oxygen emission, protection from wind and disasters, and also rich canopies provide refuge to many bird species.

Trees are planted and nurtured in smaller communities, including the countryside. It is known that every house has at least one tree, in front, which provides shade, protects, and makes the facade and entrance to the house more beautiful.

In a period of urban development and rapid urbanization and construction, many trees were cut down and uprooted. This unreasonable action led to overheating of urban areas, excess concrete, polluted air, and generally poorer living conditions.

With the raising of environmental awareness in recent decades, based on experience and deduction and prediction of future life, the view has been accepted that the only general planting of trees and suspicion, wherever possible, is our chance of survival as a human race. This applies not only to humans but also to animals, birds, and the entire biodiversity of the planet, without which there is no quality of life.

Tree maintenance

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Planting trees sounds good and it is important, but that’s not the end of the matter. When planting a tree, with watering and other things that require care, you should pay attention to the following items:

  • -design the size of the tree and its future spread to a certain area (it is not wise to plant an oak in a small street, or a dwarf maple on the boulevard.)
  • -all environments, especially urban ones, have huge networks of various types of installations, which are crucified on poles so electricity, telephone, cable TV. This must also be kept in mind when planting trees
  • -also, it is important to anticipate the provision of the root system, as much as possible, because, at some point, it will certainly begin to raise and break the sidewalk.
  • -bird colonies will organize their life in the canopy, depending on its size. (If you plant oak trees, big birds will settle there and there is no place for parking underneath. They will constantly dirt cars, which no one would like.)

These are jobs that involve the participation and engagement of professionals. Forestry engineers, landscape architects, traffic and electrical engineers… So, a multidisciplinary approach to plant design, in a city where space is scarce, needs a lot.

Who is responsible for maintaining trees around power lines?

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Despite the thoughtful planting of trees, not everything is so simple. It often happens that a certain area is urbanized, greened and cleverly designed and that in the coming years and decades, new buildings and various other facilities are added to it increases, new lines are laid and new cables are crucified, where they were not before. Inevitably, there will be some damage.

Either the branches will become entangled in the cables, with the possibility of damage, or the storm will cause the cables to sway and become entangled again, with a high chance of a fire breaking out and causing a major accident.

Not even smaller areas, including rural ones, have been spared such scenarios. It often happens that a storm causes snow to break branches, which may already be rotten or diseased, or even that the whole tree falls on electrical cables and causes enormous damage.

Then the loss of electricity, telephone connections and cable TV can last for days, in case the storm was severe and the damage occurred in several places. Therefore, the question arises as to who is in charge of maintaining the trees near the power lines and poles.

The answer is simple, it is the duty and obligation of the service that belongs to the national company for the production and distribution of electricity. They are responsible for all types of maintenance of poles, cables, fuses, and even for nearby trees.

It is necessary to have the phone number of the local service and report the problem, not only when it has already happened, but also earlier. If you notice branches that are rotten, damaged, diseased… if you see that the potential danger is imminent, in the form of cables entangled with branches and leaves, react in time.

They have adequate techniques, tools and special trucks for such interventions. They have cranes with baskets, on trucks, which raise their trained faces to the required height. They have saws, scissors and all kinds of tools for cutting branches, and for repairing and replacing damaged parts of the power grid.

What can you do?

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There are a lot of trees, and the teams that deal with canopy trimming and other maintenance-related jobs are always few. It is impossible to hire so many people who would arrive just about anywhere. Authorities regularly prune trees, especially large ones, in the spring. It is their duty, as is the duty of the utilities to clear the snow and maintain the roads.

If you are the owner of a house or apartment, next to which there is wood and electricity, you can always pay attention to the situation and call the relevant services in time. You should check this if you need tree cutting and when you react on time you can prevent problems.

Always keep in mind that this is good for you and the general good and that you don’t have to wait for someone to do a job you can do on your own. Regardless of the fact that the services are paid for such a thing, there will be incomparably fewer potential problems, if the owners do something themselves.


It is clear to every serious and responsible person that life in the city and in the countryside requires responsibility and commitment to various situations and things. In order for everything to work without problems, you don’t have to wait but activate. Do everything you can, as an effective member of your community.

If most people understand their responsibilities in this way, there will be minimal problems in the place where you live. Don’t let situations that could have been prevented make your life miserable. In this case, regularly and correctly trim the treetops in front of the house or in the yard, and if you are in the city, call the service on time.

Happiness follows the ready And one should be aware of that. Organized life makes you relaxed and is guaranteed to save you from unpleasant surprises, stress, nervousness and all those conditions that are difficult and undesirable.