Best Magnetic Clip on Sunglasses in 2024


Clip-on extensions are ideal for prescription glasses wearers to protect their eyes from the sun. They can save the wearer a lot of money because it is not necessary to make prescription sunglasses. The glasses fit so precisely with the Clip On accessory that the difference is almost invisible when the accessory is placed on the frame.

Your glasses become sunglasses by simply placing the CLIP ON accessory on the frame, which is connected into one whole via a magnet. Due to the magnet that is built into the prescription frames as well as the sun accessory, removing and placing the clip is very easy. It is even possible to set them with one hand, which is great news for all drivers. Read below a little more about magnetic clips as well as the most popular models this season.

Clip-on sunglasses


These are specially designed extensions for your eyes that protect them from UV rays. You can find them in different shades, but also in different shapes and sizes. You do not have to worry about their weight, because they are very easy to carry. You won’t even feel them. They also have a special coating. Their installation is very interesting because you do not have to apply a full frame. Just attach regular prescription eyeglasses with magnets. This way you get real sunglasses.

The extensions will fit perfectly into the existing frame, because you will find the same size and shape that will suit them. Best of all, you’ll get two pairs of glasses in one. It is a great option for all those who do not want to wear the same glasses all day, for those who adore their current frame or want to save. Clip-on glasses are much cheaper than new sunglasses, and allow you equal protection from the sun. Of course, you can also choose between different levels of UV protection.

Advantages of magnetic clip on sunglasses

This type of glasses definitely offers a number of benefits and it is about accessibility, flexibility, proper protection, versatility and comfort. You can get all this only if you find a model that suits you and if you install it correctly. Otherwise, they will not be compatible with your regular glasses, which will significantly affect the level of protection.

So, consider whether your current glasses are round, rectangular, etc. Also consider whether they have special qualities such as cat-eye or something else. You have to keep all this in mind when buying, and if you are not sure how to find the right model, just measure your eye size and bridge size.

That is why it is important to choose a model that offers the maximum level of UV protection. Also, you can find a clip on some of the world’s most famous creators, such as Prada, which are all available at

Best magnetic clip on sunglasses:

Dooppa Clip-on Polarized Sunglasses


We present you the first model of exceptional quality that will best protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. We all know how much our eyes are exposed to various external influences today, and that is why we must have adequate protection at all times. In this way, you will affect your vision in the long run, minimizing its damage.

What’s great about this model is that it significantly reduces glare. This makes it a great choice for all those who spend the most time driving, but also some other activity such as fishing. So, it provides great support in almost all types of outdoor activities.

The model is quite flexible which means it can be attached to most prescription glasses. It also fits metal and plastic frames, which means you won’t have to spend money on expensive sunglasses. Of course, with the model you always get a specialized box in which you can keep them safe while they are stored.

Gshy Polarised Sunglasses Clip

Gshy offers a plastic frame that is primarily intended for night driving, but provides equally good protection during daytime activities. It is the highest level of protection from UV and UVB rays that you can choose, and it blocks glare perfectly well, which can come from the direction of the road, water, snow or some other surface.

During night driving, you can rest your eyes with yellow lenses that automatically adjust to the needs of night vision. The design of this model is very classic, and you can easily put away the thin clip on glasses. That is why, in addition to a beautiful appearance, they offer extraordinary practicality.

AOHENG TR90 5Pcs Magnetic Clip


We present you another model that is ideal for night driving. These are transparent lenses that may be a little heavier compared to some other models. However, this does not make them difficult to handle. They are very easy to remove and install. They offer you maximum wearing comfort, more expensive metal springs design and a better clip combination. You can choose lenses that are anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation and anti-glare. If you find the right size, we are sure you will experience a fantastic user experience.

STGATN Magnetic Polarized Clip

We present you a very light model, with a modern design. It is very convenient to use for several reasons. First, you get two parts. One with transparent lenses and the other with magnetic polarized sunglasses buttons. So, you will easily get stylish glasses in just a few steps.

It also offers maximum protection that keeps you away from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Your eyes will not be tired as long as you have the right color on your eyes that eliminates reflected light. This way you will see much better while wearing a flexible, durable and lightweight model.

Dooppa Clip On Flip Up Polarized Sunglasses


It’s about great quality and great design. It is a great choice for all outdoor activities, even running. Fits most glasses and the model is unisex. Successfully eliminate light reflections so you can wear the model while driving. Fits metal and plastic frames which means you don’t need new sunglasses.


So you can find a magnetic clip in different color and shape variations. We hope we have helped you find the perfect model for yourself.