Legendary Music Stars to See Before Its Too Late

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Since we were kids my buddy Alexis Fecteau and I have always been fans of going to see live music and we have traveled to all four corners of the globe to do just that. We recently visited our 150th concert and despite having been to so many, we have a huge amount left ahead of us.

Something which Alexis and I were chatting about last week was some of the legends which we haven’t yet seen perform, and how we need to do our best to go and see them before they retire, or indeed expire. Both of us were burned by the death of Amy Winehouse and although there was no way of telling what was going to happen, we had both pledged to go see her on her next tour, before she sadly passed away. Once someone is gone we can never have that live music experience with them again, which is why catching legends now is the best thing to do, whilst we all still have a chance. Let’s take a look then at some of the legends of the music world who you still have a chance to go and see.

Elton John

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This is very much the last chance to go and see the incredible Elton John, as he is currently embarking upon his farewell tour. The Rocket Man singer puts on an incredible show which is filled with energy and flamboyance and whilst the shows may be calmer than they were in the past, John’s vocals and piano playing is equally as good as it has always been. John is currently on a world tour and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet then now is the time, don’t miss out.

Billy Joel

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Another piano playing bard who you have to go and see is Billy Joel and whilst he may not have announced his farewell tour just yet, his intense touring schedule and live concert schedule in recent years suggests that may now be the time where he looks to slow down and enjoy his later years. Joel puts on a brilliant show that is packed with his hits from over 4 decades and the best part about seeing Joel is that the cost of tickets for his shows is incredibly reasonable. Joel has played a huge number of nights at Maddison Square Garden in New York and right now he is on a world tour, make sure that you are in the audience when he comes to your hometown.

Rolling Stones

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Had I been writing this piece 10 years ago I would have had the British rockers on the list and incredibly they are still going strong. Richards, Jagger, Watts and Ronnie Wood stomp through their hits which span an enormous 6 decades and the swagger and the style which Mick Jagger showcases is absolutely incredible. The band has been together for a very long time but you have to wonder how much they still have left, take your chance to go and see the band now before it is too late.

Bruce Springsteen

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I have no doubt that The Boss will be around for many years to come but the type of marathon show which he is best known for is something that he surely cannot keep doing forever. A Bruce Springsteen show lasts for anywhere between 3-4 hours and he packs every song that you can possibly dream about into that set. Springsteen has just released a Broadway production based on his life and songs and we are expecting that to be backed up by a big tour from The Boss and his brilliant E-Street Band. If you have the chance to go and see Springsteen then don’t miss out, it is truly one of the greatest rock performances that you are ever likely to see.


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AC/DC have lost some members over the years, notably their lead singer Bon Scott and founding guitarist Malcolm Young, but the Aussie band is still going strong and star guitarist Angus Young still has the energy and the ability to wow crowds in his school uniform, playing some of the most iconic riffs that have ever been written. There isn’t much time left to catch AC/DC, not only becasue the band is aging but also becasue they are looking to slow down how much they tour in future years and may quit touring altogether. An AC/DC show is every bit as electric as you may think and the band’s musical and singing ability is just as good as it was all those years ago.

Which of these musical legends will be first on your list of people to see? Let us know in the comments.