Keep Your Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Running in Tip-Top Shape – 2024 Guide

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The family of robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba, is synonymous with quality and duration. It works as an independent vacuum cleaner with camera sensors to keep floors anti-slip, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. From the launch in 2002 to the beginning of 2011, over six million pieces were sold. Rumba primarily serves to keep smooth floors dry and clean, thus reducing the risk of slipping and injury. It is equipped with sensors to help him perform his task effectively. Recognizes traces of impurities on floors, avoids falling downstairs, independently changing direction depending on obstacles, etc. Besides, with the help of a built-in computer, it can be adjusted to perform other additional tasks, although it does not cope too much on soft surfaces such as thick wool carpets. However, it requires particular care for better maintenance. What spare parts are the most important? How much do the rollers influence your Roomba? How long is battery life, and how should I change it? You will find all the answers if you continue reading this article.

Roomba spare parts

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It is essential when maintaining your Roomba, verify that all its parts work effectively. In case this does not happen, you can resort to the replacement of it, whether it is the brushes or rollers, the filters, the wheels, the motor, or the base plate.

If you want to make sure which part you need to change, you should check your robot model and identify which Roomba spare parts correspond to that model. For more information, visit

These cleaning devices are characterized by the variety of their functions, and the quality of cleaning. However, the responsibility for proper maintenance is the owner’s obligation.

Cleaning filters and brushes/rollers: the key pieces

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It should be noted that these items vary according to the model of your Roomba. If yours is an old one (500, 600, 700), we will give you the best tips for its maintenance. If your model is modern and has rubber rollers, its wear will be much less. Now, while it is necessary to clean your Roomba, we advise you to do it every one or two months in a simple way and every two years in a profound way. You must follow two simple steps: disassemble the robot parts and remove accumulated dirt. Concerning brushes or rollers, you may notice that they do not collect dust effectively, and you should verify that they work correctly.

To check it, start the robot and have it pass over your hand. If the brushes spin correctly, the problem will be in the vacuum cleaner. But if the brushes don’t spin, you should replace your brush car. You should be more careful with your Roomba and clean it more often if you have pets.

To clean the filter, you must remove it with the release tab of the tank to access it, remove the screen with the corresponding cost and shake off the debris. Then you must replace the filter, an important fact: the cleaners do not wash, you should probably change it every three months, always depending on the robot model you have in your home.

How to Change Wheels

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It’s effortless! You must follow these steps:

  • Loosen the screws on the bottom
  • Remove the cover and clean the inside
  • Loosen the wheels by unscrewing the screws that hold them
  • Introduce the new wheels in the space
  • Screw again and verify the result

Roomba battery: maintenance and reset

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By taking good care of your battery, you can make it last many cleaning cycles. You can prolong its useful life and guarantee its efficiency while maintaining high performance. The first tip is that you use your Roomba frequently since its rechargeable operation provides more cleaning cycles as long as it is used regularly. As a second tip, you can keep it plugged in when it is not in use and store it in a dry and cool place. It would be best if you kept it as clean as possible since the battery works harder when it has to be stronger due to the clogged dirt.

Do not forget to charge your Roomba every time you finish using it; do not wait several days after use as it may damage the battery. If you notice that the cleaning cycles begin to be less effective, your battery may be showing signs of exhaustion. Roomba robots have a battery regeneration device commonly called “reset.” If we perform this procedure often, we will make the battery extend its duration and be more productive.

Steps to reset your Roomba:

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  1. Press the “clean” button to turn it on
  2. Keep the “spot” and “dock” buttons pressed for 10 seconds at once
  3. Release them at the same time, and you will hear how your Roomba starts
  4. Charge it for 12 hours or until the “clean” button turns green

Decorate your Roomba!

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There is nothing better than watching your house, a shield of your football team, basketball, or the face of your idol. Now you can decorate your Roomba with decorative vinyl specially created for these models of vacuum cleaners. You will find different themes such as country flags, nature landscapes, works of art, and even your musical idols.

After this guide, we hope you can follow our advice for proper maintenance of your Roomba vacuum, synonymous with quality and duration, you can make its effectiveness even greater. Do not waste time! Start with the care of your Roomba.


In summary, we can say that the iRobot engineers have done a great job with this Roomba, offering a cleaning device that avoids most of the usual obstacles in the home, with a more than proven efficiency. We honestly did not expect less.

This Roomba Vacuum Cleaner is worth every euro it costs since it is an off-road cleaning device that does not get stuck on certain surfaces. It has the power (and intelligence) necessary to overcome obstacles that are impossible for other cleaning robots.