Is Airsoft Green Gas Dangerous?


Airsoft is one of the most adventurous sports an individual can immerse themselves in. Essentially, Airsoft functions the most like real-life combat with guns and weaponry. It is the most preferred choice of sports for many people and there are thousands of people who enjoy playing it with their friends daily.

Airsoft is much more complicated than its popularly compared counterpart, paintball. It’s almost as identical as being in real-life combat, with the exception of being safe for every player involved. That is the reason why many veterans choose to play Airsoft when they are off duty to keep their skills sharp and enjoy the thrill of being in action.

Airsoft has a lot of equipment and weaponry involved. There are tons of guns to choose from.  From identical replicas of real combat weapon models to replicas of weapons used in fictional franchises. According to, the personalization options with Airsoft are unlimited and have no limits.

Along with the weaponry, the propellent options used for the magazines in the guns are also quite a few in number. You can choose from several gases from CO2 to green gas, with the latter being the more popular option. Green gas is often quoted as the most ideal propellant for Airsoft guns.

That being said, there are a number of questions and inquiries revolving around the gas. The first and foremost being – is the gas dangerous? In this article, we’ll answer that question along with many other questions so read the article till the end so you don’t end up missing out on crucial details.

What is airsoft green gas?


Airsoft green gas is one of the many fuel propellants for airsoft magazines and is extremely crucial to anyone using airsoft guns for the first time. Airsoft green gas is essentially propane that is mixed with a bit of silicone oil to reduce barrel friction and some scents as well. Most of the guns in the airsoft world are powered by this very type of gas and many of them aren’t fully compatible with different airsoft gases.

Thus, this gas is crucial if you want to power your weapon to full capacity. It is essential to note that this gas is entirely made from propane and it is the fundamental component into which other components are added. Silicone oil and scent are just add-ons to the propane gas and they both serve their own unique function.

You can theoretically use propane in your airsoft gun and you would still be recipients of the exact same results as you would get from using green gas. That being said, we strongly advise against using propane to fuel your airsoft gun.

While it’s not inherently dangerous, and there are big chances that your gun would be fine, we still wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t have the add-on components that green gas has – silicone oil and scent. Their importance will be signified later, so keep reading on.

Is airsoft green gas dangerous?


Even before we begin answering the question, you should ask yourself – if an item was ever truly dangerous to the people who use it, would the government allow it to be manufactured and sold? Of course not! The government has its consumer regulations and allowing a dangerous commodity to exist in the market is a strict violation of the regulations.

That is why you can be assured that green gas is not dangerous as long as you take proper precautions and use it wisely. The danger factor comes when you realize that green gas is essentially propane and propane is highly flammable and explosive. However, the key thing is, it’s only explosive when it comes in direct contact with high amounts of heat.

Unless and until you are willingly ready to put a container of propane on a source of high heat, such as a stove or an oven (which we will strongly recommend against!), you need not worry about green gas exploding. As long as you keep it away from heat, everything is fine. However, you must be meticulous in doing so and ensure even the littlest of things, like prolonged exposure to sunlight, don’t heat your green gas container up.

We use flammable gases every day in our deodorants and hairsprays and propane is even used in refrigerators. Does that mean they are dangerous and should not be used as well? No. Having flammable gas inside only means the item is potentially dangerous if it’s not properly handled and put inside dangerous environments. Even during airsoft fights, as long as you keep your green gas container safe from constant damage it’s fine.

Is using airsoft green gas worth it?


One of the most crucial aspects airsoft users need to understand is that green gas containers are created with consumer safety in mind. They don’t explode that easily and frequently. In the rarest of cases, when the gas has exploded, it hasn’t caused fatal damage to anyone.

The most dangerous case is stated to be when a green gas explosion obliterated the roof of a car. So yes, using green gas is definitely worth it. However, depending on your preference you might like the alternatives present to green gas as well. CO2 is the most popular alternative as it offers more firepower and impact with each shot.

It also generates a lot of heat and is ideal for use in environments that have very low temperatures. That being said, green gas still remains the most preferred choice of propellant for many people because of its various benefits. It is much easier for the airsoft guns to handle, it costs much less than other propellant alternatives and it ensures that your magazines stay full.

One of the most interesting features of green gas is the addition of silicone oil in it. It greatly affects heat generation as the pellets pass through the barrel and ensure that they don’t explode in the gun itself. Also, since it is scented, you can easily smell a leak if there is one and change the container immediately.


Is Airsoft Green Gas dangerous? No, not until it’s mishandled or inappropriately used. We hope this article was insightful in clearing that question away and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.