12 Inspirational Patio Design Ideas 2023

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The design of the patio can create an ideal way of relaxation and entertainment. What’s more, it lets you spend time with your loved ones during the summer. Based on your lifestyle and budget, you can create incredible patio designs.

Choosing the right color, size, and material will help you create an ideal ambiance in the patio. Consider using old and new materials to build lasting eco-friendly designs.

Before you start laying down the concrete and arranging blocks make a plan and consider your options.

Here are a few ideas to make your backyard patio space come alive:

1. Add a Pergola

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How about a beautiful wooden pergola, which is designed to perfection? While the concrete slabs make the background minimalist, sleek and modern furniture can set the design blazing.

Pergolas can be custom designed and built or kits are available in many sizes and shapes. Materials vary from metal, wood, and engineered. Be sure to pick a model that can withstand the elements of your area. For example where I live it is very windy and metal pergola’s do not hold up for very long.

2. An amalgamation of fire and water

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Do away with the traditional opinion that fire and water do not mix. You can use the concrete area for fire pits, flames, and torches, but what about a mix. Have you ever seen fire on water? A small pond feature can be turned into dancing flames with the right imagination. Fire can be integrated into pond systems along the edges or even on top of the water itself.

3. Lighting and vintage furniture

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Outdoor lighting not only illuminates the outer space but creates a perfect ambiance in the patio. It can also draw the attention of visitors to key aspects of the patio and the designing elements. For using the patio after dark, you need to make sure that there is adequate light in the outdoor area. Consider color-changing LED lights to be able to customize the mood depending on what is going on. Use spotlights and walkway light to highlight beautiful areas on your property. You can also hire a contractor for recommendations to decorate the living space.

The addition of vintage furniture makes the living space more reliable. Vintage patio furniture is one of the standard elements for cottage-style designs, but you can also assemble single pieces as the centerpiece. A wicker sofa and wooden table can boost the style.

While buying furniture do not forget that they will be going outside. Find a way to protect them from the elements when not in use. Here is one way, if you want them to stay intact and in perfect condition buy water proof covers and make sure to use them religiously. Depending on the place you live and the weather that persists, you need to choose a cover that is durable, water resistant, and breathable.

4. Get Your Grill On

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A cooking area is a must if you’re going to be having people over. This can be done simply or you can go all out with a truly custom built-in set of outdoor cabinets built around your grill.

Creating a large space around the grill can go a long way in contributing to entertainment and hosting for large groups.

5. Built-in seating

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There are numerous options of built-in seating, and you can include a seating option on the deck. What’s great about this option is built in seating never has to be put away.

The patio is the right place for rendezvous for seating, dining, and enjoying time with friends and family. You can add modern details and uncluttered space to make a complete and organized structure.

6. Consider the Weather

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For outdoor furniture, you have to consider materials that will be able to withstand your climate. No surprise manufacturers are constantly growing new answers to cope with horrific weather.

Let’s examine some options that will help with the weather issues:

Keep UPF in Mind

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a scale that rates the protection provided by materials. This is based on the percentage of UV radiation transmitted through the material.

Different fabrics have different absorbing properties:

  • Tightly woven fabrics will block more UV
  • Darker colours usually block more than light colors.
  • Heavier materials  usually block more than lightweight fabrics.


If you are making plans to depart patio furniture outside, make certain to pick out waterproof covers as the sturdiest fixtures will need safety from rainwater. Whether it’s from rain, snow, or sleet, your furnishings remain dry and intact. Make sure that the covers have a way to dry out as well. If moisture gets under the cover it needs to be able to get out or it will create a mold

7. Garden designing

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Homeowners are all of sudden eager about lawn designing in the backyard with flowers in one of a kind sizes. If you are passionate about gardening, you could nurture it as a hobby. Your outside becomes extra finished and pleasant with lawn.

8. Studying the latest trends

Some of the largest patio trends are all about going green. The idea of waste reduction and sustainability should be considered throughout the process. Quite clearly, the fixtures designers are focusing on creativity with substances, inclusive of bamboo and urban.

9. Reclaimed Lumber

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This fits eco friendly and sustainable. Wood from old doors, pallets, barns, flooring or wherever you can find it and repurpose it. This works great for pergolas, planters, arbors and other patio designs.

10. Use Urbanite

Like big natural rocks such a flagstone, but instead it comes from demoing driveways and patios. This again fits in with repurposing old materials and reusing them. Big pieces of broken concrete make great stones.

11. Upcycled Materials

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What is upcycled? This is when you take an old item and repurposed it for something new and better. You may have to customize it to work, but it fits in with the sustainable trend. This might be art from farm equipment or bird feeders from water bottles, or maybe even turning a bathtub into a pond.

12. Mix and fit

When it comes to patio designs, you may encounter a plethora of principles. Be creative and mix old and new designs to create a look like no other. By focusing on reusing materials you can create a beautiful space that is both enjoyable and eco friendly.