Importantance of Water consumption and ways of doing water purification

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The importance of clean and safe water is enormous. Drinking purified water should be a must in your life and daily routine. The quality of your general health depends on the amount of water you drink regularly. People who fail to drink lots of water generally suffer from dehydration, constipation, fatigue and kidney stones.

Is it important to purify your water?

You probably heard that drinking a lot of water is really good for your health. But, that doesn’t mean that you should drink water from any source. The source from which you get water is absolutely important as it informs you of the quality of water and what impact it can have on your body. Most of the tap water that you can find in India, for example, is not safe for consumption. Yes, you might feel that the water dripping from your taps is clean and safe but the reality is different. Water may look clean & clear at the first look, but the chances of containing several damaging impurities are very high! These impurities can make you seriously ill. Hence it is quite obvious that you should only drink purified water. The easiest and most effective way to purify your drinking water is by using a high-quality water purifier. If you have no clue about the water purifiers then you should visit Ro care and learn more about these products. Anyhow, apart from purifiers, there are several other ways for water purification such as:

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It is the most obvious and simplest technique. Boiling kills all the different types of microorganisms like parasites, viruses, and bacteria that could be present in the water. It sounds too easy, right? Of course, everyone can boil up the water before consuming but make sure that you let the water cool down, you don’t want to burn yourself.


Filtration is one of the most effective ways of purifying the water. This technique involves different types of chemical and physical processes to purify water and make it clean and secure for consumption. Filtration helps in eliminating both huge compounds and small, risky contaminants which might pose danger for human health.


Have you ever heard about this method? Well, liquid household chlorine might be easily used to treat water before you consume it. You should also learn how to reduce water waste because it can directly impact on saving money by lowering your utility bills.

One should always keep in mind the attentiveness of chlorine used with the proper amount of water. It should never surpass the quantity of water to get treated. The only disadvantage of this method is that it shall leave a rather strange smell and bitter taste for you. If you are okay with these two things then you can go for it.

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In the scientific sense, this method includes heating the water at its lower boiling point and gathering the pure form as it vaporizes. This vapor is linked to a condenser and in turn, the water is gathered for drinking purpose. Well, it sounds like an authentic procedure but the chief downside the price. So, if you are ready to spend some pennies then you can check this option out.

Water purifiers

It is likely that you are aware of this type of purifiers as its presence is in most of the households. Making use of the right purifier at home is directly going to impact your health and life as a whole. There are different kinds of purifiers available in the market. There are 5 of the most popular types available on the market:

  • Reverse Osmosis(RO)
  • Ultraviolet(UV)
  • Ultrafiltration(UF)
  • Activated Carbon
  • Sediment filter

Filtration through clay bowl

In many parts of India and also in other countries as well, clay vessels have been considered suitable for storing and also filtering the water. A highly porous clay pot a container could be used to purify muddy water. Clay vessels are believed to be great for bringing out the purity of the water you consume in the most natural way.

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Reverse Osmosis

In earlier times, RO purification of water was mostly used for industrial and commercial purposes. But RO purification has turned out to be the most dependable and popular method for purification of drinking water in homes. Reverse osmosis is a procedure that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane to eradicate contaminants.

Solar Distillation

It is the form of distilling in which the water is heated up by the heat of the sun. As the water vanishes because of the heat the pure shape of water is gathered and used for drinking purposes.