I bought a replica watch! Get to know the reasons!

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Before I start, I must tell you that I will never give the address of a replica supplier. Like all good sites interested in watchmaking, we are among the most active to ask for their closure. Only with hard work can we track down the violators of international trade laws.

Review of a “counterfeit” watch

It is by analyzing a problem that one can understand it, explain it and, no doubt, avoid it in the future. Everyone knows, and its users first, that replica watches are to be avoided. Why (are you entitled to ask!) Did you buy one?

It may be best to start at the beginning: What is the difference between a counterfeit watch and a “replica” watch?

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There are many synonyms of replica, including the most used ones: copy, duplicate, reproduction! The reproduction of a painting can be perfect, but will not withstand a test of seniority. The goal is to make the reproduction for “a real” at first sight and serve an infinity of goals.

Among these, the manufacturers of these famous replica watches (replicas) do not hesitate to announce that so you can test if the watch please, before buying the real!

Meanwhile, the best synonym for counterfeiting is “fake! “

In either case, “imitated” coins are produced to earn money on credulity or the need to “appear” cheaply. This market is a financial loss often using a network attached to a form of crime and making work often very young workers, not declared or “held” by organized misery.

So why have I bought one, a replica of IWC Portofino (visit thewatchcompany.com to read more about the watch and/or purchase it directly), if countless reports show ins and outs all year long? No doubt by intellectual honesty! I, therefore, have a duty to look at myself for myself and to give you an honest and detailed impression – which is relatively difficult without having possessed, studied and carried the object. So, here I am looking for a representative model that I could receive, without the risk of waiting for ages, or to see it stolen, confiscated, destroyed by those who fight the scourge rightly, with vehemence! One solution almost sure: buy it in a European network that can send it simply by mail. Do not count on me to give you the address!

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Do not experience it, I guarantee you it’s not worth it!

One may wonder why the Chinese are spending so much energy copying existing products, apart from their desire to fill a section of this economy. After all, they have the technology and are forced to invest in molds or technical investments (an estimate considers the investment of such a plant at $ 2 million minimum) … while they could all simply make a “good move” as Swatch realized at the time = Create quality products, cheap and breathe a new vision of the watchmaking world. Their high-end mechanical movements 10 times cheaper than the Swiss are the first step. There are always ways to avoid fake watches. One of them is to buy from an authorized dealer such as one at WatchShopping.com.