How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

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People have been trying to understand the motivation for a long time. Thanks to research and numerous studies done on this topic, scientists agree that it can broadly be defined as “the experience of desire or aversion”. This concept is often directly related to almost every aspect or process in our lives, such as studying, working, cooking, or losing weight. Weight loss can often be a rather exhausting process. Even though it seems that getting motivated is easy in the beginning, it often happens at the first stages of the process a person feels highly motivated and enthusiastic. However, a few days later that motivation from the beginning is long gone. This is usually the point where people break their diet, have cheat meals, and fall off the ‘motivation wagon’.

If you are wondering how you can feel motivated during the weight loss process, the following text might be helpful! Take a look at 7 tips for getting motivated to lose weight:

1. Determine realistic goals

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When you think about the weight loss process, the most important thing is to observe the whole situation realistically. Why is this so? Well, if you set unrealistic expectations, it is highly unlikely that you won’t succeed in fulfilling them. It is during that moment of time you become disappointed and completely lose the motivation. On the other side, if you pursue a realistic goal for a specific time period, it is more likely you achieve that goal. As your determination grows your motivation pushes you into moving towards your next goal. In short “Every journey starts with a small step.”

2. Create an appropriate meal plan

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Think about your lifestyle in general. Once you have taken into account every aspect of your daily schedule, and especially parts of the day you can reserve for having meals, you can start planning what you will eat. In that sense, it is important to have meals approximately at the same time every day. Even though it might be hard at the beginning, as you move forward to your goal, your body will be accustomed to having a bite at a particular time. Additionally, your motivation won’t be an issue, since you will not even have to think about the timing of your meals. Instead, it will all be more like a routine.

3. Write about the weight loss journey

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Keeping a weight loss journey can be helpful. As you move forward and the motivation decreases, you can always go a few pages back and see where you were at the beginning and how far you have come. That will instantly motivate you not to give up. You can write anything – when and what you have eaten, and most importantly how you felt each day. For example, if you were proud of yourself for not eating the whole cake – write it down, and, who knows, it might be helpful in the future.

4. Image how you will feel at the end of the whole process

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If you are not satisfied with the way you look, you probably dream about a different look. When you actually start off the weight loss process you will feel, at least, a step closer to that self-image you are dreaming about. Therefore, you can use that final goal, or image of yourself as the strength to move forward.

5. The clothes!

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Thinking about different types of clothes you will be able to wear might also be helpful. Just imagine how good it will make you feel to wear your favorite shirt after you’ve lost some weight. However, until you fit into few-sizes-smaller jeans, make sure to wear something comfortable. Additionally, it’s important to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Remember that there will be plenty of time for the tight clothes which will make your figure stand out.

While you are trying to stay motivated, it is a good idea to wear a brand that is based on a particular purpose and philosophy. In that way, you will always be reminded to keep on track and to push yourself forward. For example, one of the options could be the Practice-U brand, since this brand is, in fact, designed to motivate, inspire and encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves. Therefore, if you are interested in reading more about this brand, you should visit

6. Tell your friends about your plans

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Telling your closest friends might help you with staying motivated because people tend to feel more focused once they have shared their plans with others. In that way, even if you lose the will to proceed with the whole process, you can call one of your friends, and they will remind you why you started in the first place.

7. Count the success not calories

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The important thing to keep in mind while engaging in a process like this is that you shouldn’t be too concerned with the calories. They are useful when it comes to planning meals and thinking about nutritional value. However, you should observe calories more as signposts rather than the destination. Instead, count your milestones and successes! They will keep you determined to continue working on yourself in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

To conclude, even though motivation is a rather complex concept, and people have been trying to understand it for a long time, it is not impossible to become, and more importantly, stay motivated. Therefore, you can rely on motivation in achieving pretty much anything. In that sense, losing weight doesn’t have to be that hard and exhausting. The key thing to remember is – focus, hard work, and discipline will lead you to the final goal!